Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon started her Interior Design career back in 2006 as a second career. Her background in residential construction, finance and customer service has enabled her to effectively communicate with her clients and uncovering their genuine needs and wants for their homes, while managing their budgets to get them the best bang for their buck.

 Interior Design has been a long time passion of Veronica since early adulthood. With a cerification in Interior Decoration and countless continuing education units, Veronica has honed her passion and skills in design, allowing her to bring a high level of creativity and knowledge to each project.

 Veronica has established herself as premier Interior Designer in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas, and is well sought after for her design style and expertise.

 Interior and Fashion trend spotting is a favorite pass time for Veronica, and she spends a great deal of time educating herself on new products and resources. One of her biggest passions is sourcing beautiful fabrics  for her projects. She has attended several market events locally in Houston as well as Dallas, TX and High Point, NC to bring her clients the very latest in home fashion.

 Veronica is also a design and lifestyle blogger on her popular blog called The Naked Decorator. Her valuable tips, ideas and inspiration is sought after and enjoyed by many on a daily basis.

 Veronica is a mother of two children (Courtney and Joshua) and a cute little chiweenie named Rufus. She enjoys traveling and spending time with the family when she is not busy creating beautiful spaces

 Please feel free to give Veronica a call at 281-751-7552 or visit her at

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer of Casa Vilora Interiors

Veronica Solomon
Owner/Lead Designer of Casa Vilora Interiors


About No Naked Windows (Now Casa Vilora Curated Collections)

Nothing else finishes a room quite like draperies, softening hard edges and adding a final splash of color. Without  window treatments, a room   always looks, well, naked –lacking in warmth and privacy.

Window treatments provide the ultimate touch of elegance and warmth in a space. The process of purchasing custom window treatments just got easier with No Naked Windows!

 Being very passionate about textiles and embellishing rooms with the right finishing touches, we sought to bring custom soft goods (Drapery, Bedding, Pillows) to clients in a shorter timeframe and less expensively than what was available on the market.

 No Naked Windows was born out of that need to bring quality crafted soft goods to clients who desired a custom look for less. Our custom drapery panels are available in several fabric choices including 100% silk, 100% linen, faux silk, cotton and even burlap, in several colors and patterns, and several header styles to suit any decor. Drapery panels are all lined in your choice of sateen or blackout lining and are delivered to you in 3-4 weeks ready to hang! Please visit our online store to see our selection and place your order today!

 No room is really complete without the right window treatments.

Click here to be directed to Casa Vilora Curated Collections to see our custom drapery panels


Why “The Naked Decorator”?

I named my Blog “The Naked Decorator” for a couple of reasons: The first is a very embarassing but Ha-Ha moment I experienced recently. After receiving a call from a potentially big client, I wanted to really dress the part and show up with confidence. I went out and got a new “power dress” on sale from my favorite store to really set the tone for landing this big client. I arrived at his home on time and everything was going extremely well, until I raised my arms up to measure a window. I suddenly heard a pop and felt a cold draft on my back….the zipper of my “power dress” had completely come apart! Lucky for me, it was a cold day and the coat I brought with me came to my rescue. Wheewww! Needless to say I left the meeting feeling quite embarassed. As I went over the scenario in my head, I realized that the dress wouldn’t have changed things one way or another. What clients look for is that immediate connection and rapport and the confidence that you know what their needs are and that you understand and have the skills and resources to fulfill those needs. That comes from actively listening, empathizing and caring about each client individually. I did land that big client thankfully, and we now laugh about that wardrobe malfunction, but I have learned that sometimes it is necessary to strip away all the frills and glamour of interior design and just giving the client a liveable, functional and beautiful home that is uniquely theirs. This particular client simply wanted a home where the family can escape from their hectic everyday life and just LIVE!

The other reason I decided on this name for my blog is, after observing that many designers are so set on their own signature design styles and the rules of design, that they forget that a client’s home should uniquely represent their lifestyle and taste. My approach to each consultation, is to “strip” away my own personal design aesthetic, and pre-conceived notion about a client, and really listen to their wants and needs and carefully craft an interior that represents them. The key ingredients are beauty, function and comfort. This blog seeks to share with my readers design tips, and fun finds from my design projects and travels. I wish to engage my readers, so please feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I will respond as much as possible. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Please come back soon!


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