Fun Playing In The Dirt

One of my favorite flowers is Hydrangeas. I love the large pom-pom type buds of beautiful white, pink, blue and purple flowers. I haven’t had much success keeping them alive in the past, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Every spring I rush out to the garden center to find the most beautiful varieties in bloom. They are one of the easiest fresh flowers to incorpoarte into your decor, and looks great as a dried arrangement as well.

















I used to be an avid gardener, spending a lot of time out in the yard getting my hands dirty. These days, with all the responsibilities of being a single mom, running a design business and activities for the kids, I barely have time for much else. Instead of being out in the yard pruning and planting, I have been spending some time reading my gardening magazines, blogs and newsletters to get some inspiration for gardening at the new home in a few weeks. I have always found myself drawn to the wild, unkept yet orderly look, with lots of flower beds and vegetable patches. I also enjoy unexpected, unique and whimsical touches that are sure to put a smile on your face. Here are some cute little ideas that I’ve collected and will be using one or two in my own garden.

Planting herbs in an old light bulb










How cute is this idea!  It would look great as a grouping!

An old wheel barrow used for planting annuals








Planting annuals and perennials in an old piano








I don’t think I will have the space for this one, but it is such a great use for something that would have otherwise end up in the landfill

Planting herbs and vegetables in an old pallet








This one I think I’ll try for sure

Planting in an old car or truck tire








Planting succulents in an old birdcage













I’ll definitely be trying this one with a bunch of old birdcages I have in my garden shed. This one would look great in a grouping of three in varying heights :-)

Using an old step ladder to add height for potted plants

abby's garden 065












Planting in an old chair











and an old pair of cowboy boots













I’m sure there are thousands more of these ideas out there, but you get the idea :-)

I will certainly be trying a few of these, in moderation. Hopefully you are inspired to go forth and get your hands dirty!

Sources for some the photos and how-to instructions:


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Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon





17 thoughts on “Fun Playing In The Dirt

  1. I get to “play in the dirt” just about every day!! And with flowers, too!! I am so glad you enjoy them and place them in your amazing designs.

  2. Such great and colorful ideas! I just finished ready The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It is a story within a story. I have decided that I will plant and purchase flowers according to the meanings they convey.

  3. I love creative and unexpected ideas for outdoor spaces. Being in Arizona, I like to combine cactus, yucca, and agaves with softer flowers and plants. You can do so much and then change it up by incorporating items from yard sales and other inexpensive pieces.

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