As an Interior Designer I often get into what I like to call my color mood swings…..Good mood swings though. One week I’ll be totally into grays, the next I will be into reds. It’s just one of the hazards effects of the job.

Recently navy blue has been the color mood I am in, and I am totally crushing on all things navy. In fact I have a dining room project in progress that we painted navy above the recently installed wainscoting painted in white. Pictures to come after completion.

Navy blue is one of those very timeless and classic colors that don’t ever really go out of style. There are times when navy becomes more trendy than other times, but it is always a great basic from which a great color scheme can be built. Paired with reds and whites, navy gives a very Americana feel to a space. Paired with Kelly green, navy takes on a very youthful and vibrant mood. Mix it with gold and navy has an air of sophistication and elegance, or with yellow for a fresh feel. Whatever color you choose to pair it with, navy blue is definitely a dramatic color worth using in your décor.

And in case you are wondering, here’s some fun history about how this dark blue color got its name.

According to Wikipedia, Navy blue got its name from the dark blue (contrasted with white) worn by officers in the British since 1748 and subsequently adopted by other navies around the world. When this color name, taken from the usual color of the uniforms of sailors originally came into use in the early 19th century, it was initially called marine blue, but the name of the color soon changed to navy blue.The first recorded use of navy blue as a color name in English was in 1840.


Crushing On Navy Blue
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You don’t have to go as far as making it the main color scheme, such as the wall color, but adding small pops as an accent – like in pillows, art, and accessories can go a long way to giving your home that classic, timeless touch.

What do you think about navy blue? Would you use it in your décor? I’d love to know

I wonder what color I will be crushing on next week. Stay tuned to find out 🙂

Wishing you a fantastic Friday!

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