Happy National Hammock Day!

Happy National Hammock Day!

2014-07-07 01.55.51

Via Casa Vilora Interiors Boy’s Bedroom Hammock

Today we celebrate the awesomeness of relaxing in a hammock!


Via Freshome.com

Via Freshome.com


It is one of the things we can do to make everyday feel like a getaway. To enjoy some lazy summer days, whether inside or out!




Who needs Botox when you’ve got great lighting!

More often than not when I walk into my clients’ homes the first thing that I notice is the lack of proper lighting. It is something that people don’t really give a lot of thought to, even though it is an essential part of our daily function. Just like we need air, water and food, we need light in order to function efficiently.

The use of light in interior spaces greatly affects the environment and “mood” inside the space. Light fixtures should not just be pretty, but the lighting should be appropriate for the different uses and function of a space. Imagine trying to put makeup on by candlelight… that wouldn’t quite work. A good lighting plan combines natural lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to light an area according to function and style. Here is a brief summary of  the different types of lighting to help brighten your world.

Natural Light

The sun is the biggest source of light available on our planet. We are all dependent on it. The sun is responsible for biological balance of the earth. A well thought out and well designed room will show evidence of maximizing the natural light coming into the space. This can be achieved through the proper placement of furniture and well chosen window treatments. care should be taken not to expose furniture pieces to direct sunlight, which will cause color fading. Natural lighting helps to lighten the mood and feel of a room.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Home-Designing.com

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via www.globalskylights.co.uk

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination. Also known as general lighting, it radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk about safely. In some spaces such as laundry rooms, the ambient lighting also serves as the primary source of task lighting.
It can be accomplished with chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights and with lanterns mounted on the outside of the home. Having a central source of ambient light in all rooms is fundamental to a good lighting plan.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via HomeRevo.com


interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

Task lighting

Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks, such as reading, grooming, preparing and cooking food, doing homework, working on hobbies, playing games and balancing your checkbook. It can be provided by recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting and undercabinet lighting, as well as by portable floor and desk lamps.
Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Lighting55.com

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Decoist.com

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

En. PaperBlog.com


Accent lighting

Accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. As part of an interior design scheme, it is used to draw the eye to houseplants, paintings, sculptures and other prized possessions. It can also be used to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall, window treatments or outdoor landscaping.
To be effective, accent lighting requires as least three times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting surrounding it.
Accent lighting is usually provided by recessed and track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Interiordesignarticle.com


interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Interiordesignipedia.com


Via Interiors With Elegance.ca

Via Interiors With Elegance.ca

So what have we learned today? No room is complete without proper lighting that combines natural, ambient, accent, and task lighting. More than half the time we spend in our homes is in the dark, so great lighting is absolutely critical. The above images show just how beautiful your space could be with proper lighting.

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Wishing you beauty and inspiration!





There’s An App For That!

Well, after getting several emails from App companies like Como and Appsme, I finally decided to create an app for my interior design business, Casa Vilora Interiors.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Casa Vilora Interiors – App Design In Progress

I think that it is such a cool idea having an app so that your clients and customers can find you easily on their mobile devices and can access your profile with ease.

I decided to go with Como to create my app. It was very simple as they setup the basics for you and you just need to edit and customize the app to suite your company image and branding. You can add background images, extra pages, forms, maps etc.

The above image is how it appears on a tablet.

interior designer in katy

Casa Vilora Interiors App in Progress

Here’s what it looks like on a mobile phone (iPhone)

I created several pages which are very easy to navigate: Home, Find Us, Photo, Facebook, Contact us, Coupons, Inquiry Form, Instagram, Blog Feed, E-commerce, and I could have added more if I wanted.

You can set up a free account, but it doesn’t allow you to submit to the Apple or Android app store. You either create and pay for a Developer account with Google for $25.00 or upgrade your Como account for at least $33.00 per month, and they will submit for you at no extra charge.

After creating your app, it is not immediately available as Como reviews it before it goes live. That’s where mine is at the moment….pending review, so I will be doing a following post in the next few days with a link to downloading my new app. So exciting!

So, when you are trying to find an interior designer in Katy TX or e-Designn services if you are not local to Katy/Houston, there’s an app for that and it is called Casa Vilora Interiors.

What are your thoughts on having apps for business? Would you consider one for your business?

Be sure to download by E-Book now while it is still FREE! Only 19 days to go!

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Wishing you beauty and inspiration!







The Power Of Blue In Decorating

Blue is undoubtedly a great color to use when decorating. It is classic, timeless and a color that is enjoyed by both male and female.

Blue is very much the trend at the moment: nautical navy, or turquoise are the basis for a lot of beautiful rooms these days

interior designer in katy

Via www.saragilbaneinteriors.com-

And even though it is a trend at the moment, blue is historically a color that stays fresh and will never go out of style.

This is especially true for the navy blue and white combination

interior designer in katy

Via Jill Sorenson.com

interior designer in katy

Via Decorpad.com

Notice how gorgeous the navy and white combination is in these rooms? Very classic!

interior designer in katy

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

interior designer in katy

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Depending on what shade you choose, it can go from calm and serene, to a fun and energetic. It is versatile enough to work in a master bedroom, a kids room or even the laundry room.

Navy blue dining room

Via Coolshire.com

Blue is definitely a safe color for almost any decorating project, but it is also the color that most people get wrong.

interior designer in katy

Via DesignIndulgences.com

It is usually better to stick to blues with gray undertones when you visit the paint store.

Blues work very well when they are layered in various values in one room for a monochromatic look

interior designer in katy

Via Pinterest

How about pops of hot pink? :-)

interior designer in katy

Interior Design by Mary McDonald

I could live with that! Could you?

Here are some inspiring palettes if you need more blue inspiration


ac3c700c989d8a7f95c63a1188407688 7878e6c5944879f0fc2a2aa60d573775

7e310894764b6ad6d3198aaf97f5763b 56c400efe9c63529a0e25e2aebe666dd 0e7f63f8815e56fbb43d439fa40e7667

And better yet, here are some color names from TheCreativityExchange.com just incase you are ready to take on your next decorating project using blue.


So what are your thoughts on decorating with blue? I know everybody loves blue!

Wishing you beauty and inspiration!



My Weakness For Chinoiserie

b65289d6d40080a1c7eba9a5869cdeb8Chinoiserie is a favorite pattern of mine. This beautiful, classic pattern can be found in elegant wallpapers, fabrics, ceramics, furniture and folding screens.

Chinoiserie is a French term that refers to European artistic styles with Chinese artistic influences. It is characterized by fanciful imagery of Chinese motifs. Chinoiserie entered the European market in the mid to late 17th century and its popularity peaked in the 18th century. Its use was mainly in the decorative arts. These days Chinoiserie is used in the most elegant of interior spaces, even in clothing as can be seen in this beautiful hand painted silk dress worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Click here to view

I especially love the use of hand painted silk Chinoiserie wallpapers in formal dining rooms and elegant powder rooms. Companies like de Gournay and Gracie have a vast selection that is highly customizable to suit any color scheme. While it may not be the least expensive wall treatment you can find, it definitely has a timeless appeal that will hold its value and beauty for a very long time.

Check out some very inspiring photos of Chinoiserie influenced rooms and furniture, and you will understand my weakness for chinoiserie.

These photos are from various sources



View of green and gold lacquer chinoiserie furniture in the State Bedchamber at Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire49165-black-chinoiserie-wallpaper-in-a-transitional-dining-room_665x415


If you want to try the look without the commitment of wallpapering a whole room, try adding an accent piece like  Chinoiserie chest or a room divider. Add it in accessories like ceramic vases or pillows.

Another way to use this beautiful motif is by purchasing wallpaper remnants from your local wallpaper store or online and wallpaper the inside back of a built in bookcase, or decoupaging an inexpensive garage sale chest or dresser. Click here for how-to video.




Ann Getty Desktop108 folding-screen-3088 pied-a-terre-lead1 temple-jar

So what to you think about this timeless design motif? Is Chinoiserie right for you? Where or how would you use it?

Be sure to contact me if you need help incorporating the beautiful Chinoiserie motif into your décor or for all your decorating and remodeling needs.

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon



A Small Powder Room Makeover

Recently, a new client stopped in at my design studio to check it out. She lives close by and had been passing by everyday and was curious about the services I offer.

After giving her a tour of my large resource library, I sat down with her in my cozy, comfortable living room vignette and spoke in great detail about her home and goals for the project.

She and her husband are empty-nesters and she just wasn’t very happy with the décor of her home. She had all the furniture pieces she needed but the rooms didn’t feel well pulled together.

I offered to meet again for a consultation in her home to see for myself just what wasn’t working, and it was just as she described. Her furniture, and even some accents were very nice pieces, but it all looked a bit cluttered with stuff randomly placed. The window treatments were outdated or sparse, there was no defined color scheme, and it just didn’t feel very cohesive. So we came up with a plan of attack to address these issues and make the space live up to its potential of being elegant and beautiful.

The main areas we decided to address were the dining room, the living room, the master bedroom suite and the powder room. We were also going to update the window treatments in the guest bedrooms.

In today’s post we will focus on the small powder room makeover, and I will share the other spaces in future posts as soon as they are photographed. We are still waiting on a few backordered pieces in some of the other rooms before professionally photographing everything. For now, I’ll share shots from my iPhone of the finished powder room.

Here is an AFTER shot of the powder room using Waterlogue app.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

The powder room is a really tiny space near the foyer of the home. It had just the bare necessities. As you’ll see in a second in the BEFORE shots, it started out with Donald Duck orange walls. Seriously, the walls were as orange as Donald Duck’s bill. It made the room actually feel smaller than it was. The ligting was really dull. The mirror was the standard builder-grade frameless mirror. The vanity top was a white cultured marble, and the vanity was a very dull white with no real interest. None of these features did anything great for the look of the room.

Here are some BEFORE photos.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

BEFORE Of The Powder Room

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

BEFORE Of The Powder Room

This décor had to change fast! So I set to work creating a more elegant space worthy of the guests that this couple entertained.

I wanted the powder room to look like an elegant little jewelry box, so I went with a dark rich pewter metallic color from Sherwin Williams Paint, and had my painter do a faux painting technique to add some depth and dimension.

Here is a closer look at the walls

interior designer in katy, interiro decorator in katy

Closer Shot Of Faux Paint Color

I also had my painters do a pewter glaze on the vanity cabinet to complement the walls a bit better.

Here you will also notice the new granite countertop, the new undermount sink and the new faucet.

Those changes alone would have improved the powder room dramatically, but I didn’t stop there.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

A Closer Look At The Glaze On The Vanity cabinet

I am not a fan of frameless vanity mirrors and so I called in a company called “Mirrorcle Frames” to add a frame around the mirror without having to rip it out.

I also upgraded the lighting (which is hard to see from the glare in the photo below)

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

I later added these botanical prints to accent the wall color and to tie in with the look of the rest of the home.

Here are a few other shots of the powder room

interior designers in katy interior designer in katy interior designer in katy interior designer in katy

My clients are very pleased with the way the room turned out. And so am I.

What are your thoughts on the small powder room makeover?

Stay tuned for future posts showcasing the rest of this beautiful home.

If you would like help with your powder room, or any other room in your home, please feel free to contact me here to schedule a consultation. Even if you live outside of the Houston area, you can take advantage of our eDesign service aka Mail Order Decorator service, where everything is done via email and mail.

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Wishing you beauty and Inspiration!


Laser Cut Wood Panels

In one of my recent posts about the home for sale, a few of you commented on the laser cut wood panel that was featured.

For those that are curious about this application, today’s post should answer a few of your questions.

In case you missed that post, you can find it here

Here is a photo of the laser cut wood panel incase you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about :-)

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Laser Cut Wood Panel

My client wanted something unique and understated, but still has some presence to accent the wall niche near the foyer of her home. This hallway leads to the children’s wing of this lovely home, so we wanted something that wasn’t too precious or breakable just incase little hands got to it.

I turned to a company that I had in my resource library called Lightwave Laser. I honestly had been dying to use their products on a project, so this was the perfect opportunity and I was glad when I got the green-light.

If you get a chance to check out their website, you should. You would be very inspired by all that you can do with their products. They are great as wall panels, room dividers, floor screens, backsplashes, art pieces, furniture accents, and window covers…..and really any other use you can imagine.

There are tons of patterns available with intricate detailing, various wood species that you can choose from, and you get to choose the thickness you want for your project. Of course because it is a natural wood product, you can add paint or stain to finish.

Lightwave Laser wood panels can be used in residential and commercial spaces.

Here is a bit about the company:

Ron Macken started Lightwave Laser in 2004. Their products and services have evolved over the years, although they have always focused on decorative laser-cutting. Ron has more than 20 years experience in the field, including expertise in machine design, programming, and manufacturing. After working with talented designers and artists for many years, Ron began creating original art about two years ago.

In 2013 Lightwave Laser expanded its laser cutting capabilities by adding a very special paper cutting technology.  This technology was originally invented and built by the Macken family of Lightwave Laser over 25 years ago when they were known as Lasercraft. In 2000 this equipment was sold to Laser Excel in Green Lake, WI. Twelve years later this business has come full circle and is now back home with the Macken family in Santa Rosa, CA where the partnership of art and technology is a way of life.


Take a look at a few examples from their image gallery from their website

interior designer in Katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

Interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

Interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

Interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com

interior designer in katy

Via Lightwave Laser.com


As you can see, Lightwave Laser products are highly customizable.

Here are some of my favorite patterns available

Arabic-Geometric_Rendering_218 Crocus-Spirals_Rendering_218 Ginkgo-Leaves_RENDERING218 Islamic-Flower-Circles_Rendering_218 Japanese-Circles-Thick_Rendering_218 Ornate-Damask_Rendering_218 Persian_Circles_Rendering_218-2 Star_Pattern_Rendering_218 Swift_Grille_Rendering_218 Woven-Flowers_Rendering_218



























These panels look amazing when they are backlit. The shadows they cast on a wall provide great ambience in a room. You can also add fabric or plexiglass behind them depending on the application.

Here is another look at my application.

interior designer in katy interior designer in katy

So tell me, what are your thoughts? Would you use this product in your home? Please leave me a comment below.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post, neither am I receiving compensation for this post. I am expressing my opinion on a product I have used and love

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

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Wishing you beauty and inspiration!


How To Hang Drapery Panels

**********************************Repost from May 29, 2013****************


Purchasing and hanging drapery panels can be very overwhelming. There are a lot of little details that need to be considered, which we will talk about briefly in just a second. Most big box stores that offer curtain panels usually have them stocked at 84″ lengths or shorter, and if you are lucky, you may be able to order from their online stores up to 95″ lengths. But what if you have taller windows?

I have seen this happen so often on my in-home consultations. People usually move into a new home and are anxious to cover their windows whether for privacy or decorative reasons, so they run out to the big box store down the street to find an inexpensive solution. But is it really a solution if it is not addressing the problem? Store bought curtain panels rarely fit the windows properly. As I mentioned earlier, they are usually too short,  not many choices available, usually unlined or inadequately lined, and little or no consideration given to aesthetic and your energy savings needs. As I always say, you are going to spend the money anyway, why not spend it right. Custom drapery panels are made to fit your windows, and are a beautiful and timeless solution when done right.

Here at Casa Vilora Interiors & No Naked Windows, we have made it easy to order custom drapery panels through our online store. You get to choose your fabric type (silk, faux silk, linen, cotton, burlap etc), your choice of solid or patterned fabric, your choice of header (the pleating at the top of the drapery panels), the finished length, type of lining, or even the choice of using two or three different fabrics for a color blocking effect. Visit our online store to see your options. They start at just $269 per pair!

Once you have determined that custom drapery panels are the way to go, you now need to know how to measure for them and how to hang them, which directly impacts the finished length to order. Measuring is simple – just measure from the floor to your desired height

Some additional tips for measuring:

The finished length is the actual length of the finished panels. To measure for the finished length of your custom drapery panels, simply measure from the floor to the desired height from where you want the panels to hang. A good rule of thumb is: If the space above your window is 8″ or less, it is usually more aesthetically pleasing to hang your drapery panels right at the ceiling. If the height is more than 8″ then you can determine how high above the window you would like to hang the panels. Please note if you have low ceilings hanging the panels closer to the ceiling gives the illusion of more height. One more thing to keep in mind is the hardware you will be using to hang your panels. The hardware will add approximately 1″-2″ to the overall length when hung. If you desire some puddling in your drapery panels, you can add 2-3″ for a trouser break look or 6-8″ for a formal puddled look.

Here are a few illustrations of the Do’s and Don’ts of how to hang drapery panels

how to hang drapery panels


In this example there are  few don’ts:

  • Don’t hang the drapery panels right above the window. Hang drapery panels closer to the ceiling or crown molding to give he illusion of a higher ceiling
  • Don’t hang drapery panels so far above the floor. The minimum floor break is 1″. otherwise your drapery panels will look like high water pants
  • Don’t hang your drapery panels so far into the window. Hanging drapery panels starting at the edge of the window outward, helps to visually widen the window. Be careful that the edges of the window aren’t visible. Drapery panels should cover about 3-4″ of the window edges on either side. This applies to decorative drapery panels. If privacy is desired with your drapery panels, then you will need much more fabric for fullness, and room on either side of the window for stack-back ( The stacking back of the fabric when the drapery panels are in open position)



In this example, at least the drapery panels are touching the floor, but notice that they are still hung too close to the top of the window and the drapery panels are too far inside the window.



In this example, it’s finally done right:

  • The drapery panels are at a 1″ floor break
  • The drapery panels are hung closer to the ceiling
  • The drapery panels are hung at the window’s edges and outwards

I get this question a lot: What if I have double windows with drywall or trim in between both windows? Here’s the answer:





I recommend ordering a third drapery panel to cover the drywall between the two windows….especially if over 6″ wide. This helps the overall window treatment to flow better and look like one unit and be more cohesive. If you have beautiful wood trim casings around your windows that you wish to show off, then no need for the third panel, as long as there isn’t more than about 18″ between the two windows with casing included, in which case you may need to treat them as two separate windows with two drapery panels each.

Here is an example of a pair of windows with great casing in between that I decided not to cover with a third panel.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Here’s an example of drapery panels I designed and had installed for my client about two years ago. Notice that there wasn’t a lot of room above the window, so we took it all the way to the crown molding.


A couple more examples:

579086_631355073547965_65530747_n cropped

(Note – that is not a pillow in the settee, it is a cornice board that was about to be installed on another window :-) )

These are actually drapery panels with handkerchief swags. I included this picture to illustrate what happens when we are working with a bay window. You still want the windows to be one unit and have a cohesive flow. Here we used three different rods, but added a special hardware called an “elbow” to join them together at each 45 degree angle. The elbow is quite flexible and works much like our elbows do. The drapery panels are then installed to wrap around the angles for a better flow and cleaner look.










So today you’ve learned how to measure your windows, where to order your custom drapery panels, and how to hang them. We will be running our summer special on custom drapery panels and all other window treatments starting June 1st through the entire summer – up to 20% off! You can use coupon code SUMR15 at checkout until July 31st 2014. If you are in the Houston area, lucky you! We can install your custom drapery panels for you at an additional charge, and even order your hardware for you!

We are also running a local special for Houston residents. $999 for a pair of drapery panels installed. This includes hardware and installation. Please see our website for details

Maybe you have some questions before ordering? You can contact me here and connect with me on all my social media channels.

Need more inspiration?

custom drapery

Custom Drapery Panels by Casa Vilora Interiors & No Naked Windows

custom drapery

Custom Drapery Panels by Casa Vilora Interiors & No Naked Windows


Electrical spool table

Via Casa Vilora Interiors


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interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy


Wishing you beauty and inspiration!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon




Beautiful Casa Vilora Interiors Decorated Home For Sale

About a year and a half ago I got a call from a wonderful young lady. She and her husband were building a custom home in the very affluent area in Cinco Ranch, Katy - A suburb of West Houston.

She desperately needed help picking out some of the finishes for the new home. They were working directly with the builder’s design center but didn’t feel they understood exactly what she wanted.They were on a strict deadline from their builder to stay on schedule, and she was afraid to make a mistake with the selections. She had already interviewed a few local Designers and just didn’t feel like they got the look and feel she was going for.

After meeting with her in the home they were living in at the time, I got glimpses of her decorating style, which co-incidentally was very similar to my personal design aesthetic (at least the current one, since that changes all the time :-) ). She loves a light, airy, lived-in and romantic feel.

After looking at the home under construction and discussing their budget, we set out to work picking out the rest of the finishes (tiles, cabinetry, lighting etc) and planning the color scheme and furnishings.

There were certain pieces that had to be included in the design plan….like a couple of slip-covered sofas, a few tables, and a few area rugs, which dictated our color scheme of cool seafoamy blues, greens, grays and whites/creams.

This was an exciting whole-house project and my clients were the best. They trusted my advice and relied on my professionalism and knowledge, but still had strong opinions about what they loved to have in their home.

We decided to do the project in phases over a year, starting with the main areas (living, dining, kitchen, breakfast and study), then the game room, then the master and finally the kids rooms and guest rooms.

In the middle of this project, they also built a rental house which I also helped to pick out the finishes and paint colors for. They kept me busy :-)

Fast forward a year later and a project that was close to completion for the most part, and my clients called me with the big news that they are moving to another part of Houston about and hour and a half from their new home. Her husband had just accepted a new position with a company and the commute would be too much everyday. They are a very close knit family with two children and family time is very important to them. The husband did not want to spend that precious time in traffic everyday. She was very sad about having to leave her beautiful new home and start this process all over again. She made me promise her that I will take on the decorating of the new home!  :-) Of course she didn’t have to make me. I loved working with this great family and I am super excited about the new home!

They are waiting for the current home to sell before purchasing a new one, but they are casually looking. She has asked me to look at a few of the homes she likes to make sure it works with the existing furnishings.

Here is the listing on HAR.com. It is listed for $1.19M

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

3111 Brighton Sky Ln
Katy TX

This home is a beautiful contemporary Mediterranean – One and a half story, 5 bedrooms including a mother-in-law suite, 5.5 bathrooms, a media room, a game room, large dining and family room. The home is 5231 sq feet and boasts a gorgeous pool and deck.

I am sure you are curious about the work we did on the inside………

Here is your very own private tour of this beautiful family home.

This is the family room. My client already owned the area rug but wanted to keep things on the lighter side. I pulled the soft seafoam greens and blues and used that as accents with whites and grays being the main colors. We were going for a fairly monochromatic, calm and airy feel throughout the home.

The fabrics are beautiful soft linens in the very muted tones, the furniture have a soft aged patina to create that lived-in feel. Although we were using mainly a light color palette, the fabrics and furnishing needed to live up to the everyday use of a busy household with two children under age 7. We went with linen blend slipcovers on the sofas that can be thrown into the laundry for cleaning. All the pillows were zippered so they can be cleaned easily as well. We used some indoor/outdoor fabrics that can easily be wiped down, and all the decorative accents are out of immediate reach of tiny hands.  My client wanted to surround herself with meaningful items, but nothing was so precious that the kids couldn’t touch. This home is a primary example that you CAN live with beautiful furnishings – even white ones, with kids running around.

My clients are practitioners of feng-shui and a lot of the design choices were based on those principles. They brought in a feng-shui consultant since that is not an area of specialty for me.

Notice that there are a lot of greenery and flowers around to make the room come alive

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

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This is the master bedroom. The main focal wall is a metallic damask pattern on cork. The wallpaper is the perfect combination of rustic with refined. Gorgeous texture! even better in person! We weren’t finished in this room – we were going to add a chandelier, art and a bench at the foot of the bed.

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This is the formal dining room. We added the wainscoting and the beautiful metallic damask sisal wallpaper. The beautiful beaded chandelier adds the perfect sparkle to the room. The drapery is custom linen on a traverse rod so they can be closed off for privacy.

Based on the recommendation of the feng-shui consultant, my clients had the large mirror hung really low and angled on the wall to reflect the dining room table.

There were finishing touches that we were going to make in the dining room as well – for example, we were going to add more of the white wall flowers above the mirror.

2014-07-07 01.45.43 2014-07-07 01.47.22

This is the study. I commissioned my painter to create the large tone-on-tone horizontal stripes on all the walls. That brought the high ceiling more in scale for the clients The linen draperies are also custom on traverse rod to function for privacy.

The art is an original from my client’s home country of Venezuela.

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This is the hallway to the kids’ bedrooms. The custom piece in the wall niche is laser cut wood with a very intricate detail

2014-07-07 01.50.01

They have two children – a girl 6 years old and a boy 4 years old.

The girl had very strong opinions about her room and obviously wanted it showered in pink, so pink it was! :-)

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We added a fun hammock to the boy’s room and lots of car decals

2014-07-07 01.55.33

2014-07-07 01.54.59 2014-07-07 01.55.51

This room is the mini master or mother-in-law suite. Like the rest of the home, all the draperies and window treatments are custom.

2014-07-07 02.04.49 2014-07-07 02.05.39
This is the main kitchen and breakfast area. See how open and airy it is. I love walking into this home!

One of my favorite pieces is that wonderful plate rack that we added in the breakfast room.

2014-07-07 01.57.30 2014-07-07 01.58.16
This is the family TV watching room. This is also where the kids play. We had the kids create art and framed them for one wall.

In this room we were sure to utilize slipcovers, zippered pillows and indoor/outdoor fabrics so everything can be cleaned in the laundry easily. The kids know that this is their designated play area, and so this is where they come to let loose and be kids (within boundaries). I absolutely respect the fact that this family has taught their children from an early age to pick up after themselves for the most part, and to be respectful of their home.

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This the powder room.

2014-07-07 02.43.32

The laundry room

2014-07-07 02.08.18
And the exterior pool area. All the cushions and pillows are custom made by my work room.

2014-07-07 02.42.11 2014-07-07 02.41.57


We didn’t get to certain rooms like the media room and the guest suite on the second level, so those rooms aren’t featured here.

As you may have observed in these photos, this home is a well LIVED in family home. It is not pretentious nor ostentatious. The home is cozy and inviting. When you walk into the large foyer, this home beckons you to come in, sit back and enjoy.

My client’s realtor is very confident that they will get their asking price.

I have loved working with this wonderful family and I cannot wait to help them make the new house a home, just as we did with this one.

What are your thoughts on this home? Could you see yourself living here?

Please leave me a comment below.




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Interior Designer in Katy, Interior Decorator in Katy

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

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interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

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