One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Makeover – Sources Revealed

Casa Vilora Interiors

Hello my Lovelies!

As promised, today’s post will be focusing on the sources and resources for most of the items in the guest bedroom makeover I just completed for the One Room Challenge. If you missed the big reveal last week, please click here for the deets and pretty pictures :-)

if you were following along, you would know that this is the guest bedroom in my home, and I was on a super tight budget, so I had to get really creative and do a lot of DIY stuff and re-use and repurpose as much as I could. I still wanted it to have a chic and luxurious look, and I think it totally came out that way

Here’s another picture that shows the full view of the room (well most of it), so you can follow along

By Niki (2)The Floor

I have gotten a lot of questions about the floor. It is not tiles; it is actually plywood. I purchased 4’x8′ sheets from Home Depot and had them cut them into 6″x8′ planks and then I had them laid the same way you would lay hardwood floors. There is a vapor barrier that was laid down on top of the subfloor first. We used really small finish nails, then countersank them, filled them with wood filler, and then lightly sanded. The floor did not require a lot of sanding because it is cabinet grade birch plywood. We then painted the stripes by taping off each 6″ plank and using a Benjamin Moore specially formulated floor paint. I should have also added polyurethane as a final coat, but because the room will not get used much, I decided to skip this step. The paint formula I used does not require the poly, but I would have if the room was going to be heavily used. It has been holding up great so far

The Walls

  • The black paint color on the walls is Onyx by Benjamin Moore – done in a flat finish
  • The ceiling is Benjamin Moore Decorators White in flat finish
  • The floor is the same as the wall and ceiling except I did a Urethane Alkyd Enamel Gloss finish
  • The closet are the same black and white colors in flat
  • The trim and doors is Decorators White in Semi-Gloss

By Niki (12)

The Furniture

  • The bed is the main piece in the room. I already owned it for many years. I purchased it at Bombay Company maybe 10 years ago. It was a dark brown and I spray painted it in gold. I used Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint that I purchased at Home Depot. I probably went through 3 cans
  • The left dresser is from Ikea – It is the Trysil dresser. It comes in a dark brown and black and I spray painted it Rust-oleum white gloss protective enamel – also from Home Depot and the gold accent with the same gold spray paint as the bed
  • The round flower table with the marble top that is the second nightstand is from
  • The yellow chair in the corner is also from Ikea -The Bernhard chair
  • The upholstered vanity is custom made. I had my carpenter build the frame for me and then had my upholsterer add the fabric and nail head. The fabric is a faux python print and I cannot remember where I purchased it. I did a google search for “faux python fabric” and bought it from one of the first retailers that popped up. The nail heads are from a to-the-trade source called Rowley Company, and the glass top is custom cut from Katy Glass Company
  • The ghost chair I also just did a google search and bought from one of the first retailers

By Niki (13)

By Niki (11)

The Lighting

  • The chandelier is from Lamps Plus. It was dark brown and I spray painted it the same gold as the bed
  • The two striped lamps are from Home Goods

The Bedding

  • The duvet set and bedskirt are from Crane and Canopy
  • The sheet set and mattress cover is from Ross
  • The coverlet is from Home Goods
  • The pillows are mostly custom – fabrics from Kravet and Duralee (both to the trade). The graphic pillow is from Ikea

By Niki (5)

The Drapery

  • The drapery is custom made by my work room.
  • The silk fabric is from Catania Silks
  • The lining is from Rowley
  • The trim is from M&J trimming
  • The drapery hardware is from Aria, sold through Rowley Company

By Niki (8)

The Art

  • The art in the room are mostly originals done by my daughter, Courtney Morris. There are a few prints from Minted, a few from shopping at an antique store, some are from Hobby Lobby

By Niki (23)

The Accents and Accessories

  • The antler above the bed is from Wayfair
  • The gazelle on the vanity is from A&B Home and so is the bust on the nightstand
  • The accessories are from various sources like Home Goods, Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics
  • The floral were custom arranged by S Home Décor in Houston
  • The books are all from my collection
  • The ceiling medallion is from Udecor
  • The rug (which I decided not to use after all) is from Surya
  • The mirror is from Wisteria

I think that covers everything in the room. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you need more specific information, or if I have missed anything.

I am so very proud and absolutely in love with the guest bedroom.

If you would like for me to create a beautiful space for you, please reach out to me and I will be happy to talk to you about your project. Visit my website for more examples of my work

Wishing You Beauty & Inspiration!



Gallery Wall Ideas To Inspire You

Gallery walls are really big these days, and with very good reason. It is the perfect way to fill up a big blank wall and a great way to mix different pieces into one well curated arrangement. It is also a perfect opportunity to use those family photos that have been sitting around in boxes for years.

There are several different ways you can arrange your art or photos into one grouping that will look cohesive, and feel like they have been collected over time.

Here are a few of my favorite gallery walls that I have put together for some of my clients

The Salon Style Gallery Wall

By Niki (8)

Salon style gallery walls are meant to make a big statement in a room, they lend energy to a space and usually tell a story about the occupants of the home. They typically consist of various pieces that don’t match, but they should have an element of consistency. Salon style gallery walls can be arranged so that you can keep adding to them later, or if you are a collector, switch out pieces on a regular basis. It is great for people like me who don’t really like to plan things out, but figure a general layout as I hang them.

casa Vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

Some tips

  • Lay them out on the floor, or sketch on paper first, but the idea of salon style gallery walls is to look like organized chaos.
  • Create templates using brown paper, or even newspaper to play with layouts on the wall first (I typically just wing it until I create an arrangement that I like)
  •  Hang pieces about 2″ apart from each other more or less
  •  Try to mix up the frames, but limit the finishes to no more than three different finishes.
  • The subject of each art piece can be very different, but I usually avoid mixing family photographs with art. It is not a hard and fast rule, but I prefer to keep family photos together in one gallery arrangement
  • A small wall will take quite a few pieces to finish; so arrange them where you can add pieces over time. The wall above took 16 pieces, but as you can see, it is a small wall
  • Use pieces that have special meaning to you. Now is a great time to go through those closets and attics to look for those precious family heirlooms collecting dust. re-mat and reframe whatever you need to

In the picture above, I used mostly original artwork done by my daughter, mixed in with flea market finds and prints from Minted. I do have a couple of photos mixed in, but they are not family photos

The Grid Gallery Wall

Casa Vilora Interiors

This works great with botanical prints and maps

Casa Vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

The grid style gallery wall is a series of art pieces arranged in a grid pattern. It creates a beautiful focal point in a room. The grid works better when all the pieces are done with similar subject and similar frames. They usually work better with all the frames being the same size as well.

The Family Gallery Wall

Casa Vilora Interiors

I love when clients request family gallery walls for a wall in their home. I think it is great when all family photos are all in one place for a bigger impact. They are fun to look at and reminisce and they are great conversation starters for guests to your home.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Some Tips

Casa Vilora Interiors

  • If the pictures are in color, I usually keep the frames all the same color.
  • It is also a great idea to keep the frames the same color in general, but mix up the shapes and sizes
  • They can be laid out in a more organized and symmetrical fashion or more random but organized

Three Dimensional Collages

Casa Vilora Interiors

While these are not necessarily art, they are still great options for filling a large wall and add an interesting element in a room.

Casa Vilora Interiors
I typically add these 3 dimensional pieces in a room that already has art. it is just a way to mix things up and create interest in the room. They look great when they are arranged fairly close together and in a loose but organized arrangement. They are usually a matching set but I use various sizes for consistency and flow

A Functional Gallery Wall

Casa Vilora Interiors

In this office area, I created a functional gallery wall consisting of art and a cork board for leaving notes and reminders

The Leaning Gallery Wall

Casa Vilora Interiors

I like leaning art against a wall for a casual look.

The Diptych Gallery Wall

Casa Vilora Interiors

Even just two pieces can give the look of a well curated gallery wall. In this mid century living room, I added these two pencil drawings on a grasscloth wallpapered wall to make them stand out and become the focal point on that side of the room

By Niki (12)

As you can see, gallery walls really add a wonderful layer to a room, and I personally think that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

Have you created a gallery wall in your home?

Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!



One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Guest Bedroom Makeover – Reveal Day!

I made it! I actually made it to Reveal Day! I am so excited to share my fabulous guest bedroom makeover with you! Thanks for joining me today to see what this room has blossomed into in just six weeks!

This room embodies my personal style – eclectic, bold, quirky, collected, a bit of boho chic, a bit of crazy, but still sophisticated.

I love mixing patterns and colors that immediately will seem like they don’t belong together, but work together in the finished room for luxe, layered look.

I have always wanted to paint a room black, and since my clients usually freak out when I mention that :-) I decided to do it in my home. I did start wit my powder room to make sure I could handle it, and absolutely loved it!

The common misconception that black walls will close the room in and make it feel smaller is simply not true… all depends on how the room is decorated.

By Niki (20)

If this is your first time here, and you are not sure what the heck I am talking about, check out week 5 here, and from there you can back track to weeks 1 through week 4. You will see all the gory details and the progress from the “ugly duckling” of a room, to the beautiful chic space it has become.

The One Room Challenge is the brain child of Linda from Calling It Home, and it is where 20 designer /bloggers (the main participants) makeover a room in their home or a client’s home, and blog about the progress each Wednesday over the six weeks, to reveal day on week 6. Other designers and design enthusiasts are invited to participate and blog about their progress on Thursdays, and we all get to link up our spaces at the linky party, and get to share in each other’s successes and learn from each other’s setbacks. Today is victory day because we have all made it to the finish line. Woohoo!! :-)

Well enough talk; I am sure you all are ready to see the long awaited guest bedroom makeover.

Are you ready? :-)

It’s Curtain Call………

By Niki (57)

These are the yummy fuchsia silk drapery panels with the Greek key detail which I think makes the room. You will see in just a second how it brings everything together in the room

Here is what the room looks like now

By Niki (1)

Here you can see the gallery wall that was a last minute decision when I had to change the orientation of the bed, which was supposed to be on that wall.The floor to ceiling gallery wall mostly consists of original works by my daughter Courtney, some flea market finds and a couple of pieces from Minted.

Here is a closer look at the gallery wall

By Niki (8)

Here is the headboard wall. I spray painted the antlers white to really contrast with the wall color. To the left is the Ikea dresser that I spray painted white with gold accents. To the right is a small mid-century inspired flower table with a marble top. I LOVE this table. It was much lower than the dresser, so I used books to build up the height to make them a bit more symmetrical. You will see my latest finds – the lamps from HomeGoods. They were a really nice treat after being disappointed that the lamps I already owned didn’t quite work

The bedding is probably my favorite part of the room. The black and white duvet set is set off by the custom pillows using this beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg fabric and Ikea pillow.I think the beautiful layers add a really bold and sexy tone to the room.

Mixing inexpensive with higher end, new with old just works perfectly for my style.

By Niki (12)

Here is the chandelier in context with the rest of the room. You can see that the gold works so much better than the dark brown would have.

You can get a good look at the black and white striped floor in this shot. It anchors the whole room and is definitely a conversation piece

By Niki (2)

In the picture below, you will see the lambs wool rug, which I decide not to use after all. It was a bit too big for the room and covering up too much of the floor. You will also see the striped closet walls. A nice little surprise….don’t you think?

By Niki (51)

By Niki (10)

The view from the closet door looking to the entrance of the room. You can see a closer view of the yummy pillows

By Niki (7)

These are some shots of the vignettes on the nightstands. As you can see, I love styling with my decorating books. They add such warmth to the room

The pair of peacocks was a special find on eBay. They have finally found a home in the guest bedroom as they have been in storage for a while now.

It seems every room I do end up getting at least one agate slice…..unintentionally. These ones are actually faux agates, but they look very real. They add that fuchsia to the main wall to help balance the drapery panels

By Niki (4)

By Niki (13)


The little yellow Ikea chair was styled with some of my favorite books and a ceramic pineapple to symbolize hospitality for my guests. Obviously they will be removed when I have actual guests in the room :-) The lambs wool Ikea rug also add a cozy feel to that little corner of the room

I just love the vanity vignette. It is really very feminine, so hopefully any male guests won’t feel too uneasy in the room. The truth is, I don’t really ever have male guests

The custom upholstered vanity is one of my favorite pieces in the room. I designed and had it built by my upholsterer, and I think it looks so luxurious and adds a great texture to the room

By Niki (14)

By Niki (44) Another view to the entrance of the room, and one more of Courtney’s originals

By Niki (17)


If you have been following the progress of the room, you will see that I decided to get the Moroccan styled mirror instead of the one I already owned. The clean lines just worked better for the room.

The black gazelle was a left over piece from a past project, and it really came in handy to add some height to the vanity table

By Niki (24)

By Niki (5)



By Niki (11)

So I love this vignette. I tried to add a bit of whimsy with the bust (named Alexander; Xander for short :-) ) and adding a gangsta chain. Lol. But I love including the dream catcher as well. Just a fun little detail, and great for a bedroom

By Niki (53)

I just might be using this vanity myself. My guests will have to fight me off :-)

By Niki (39)

By Niki (18)

So one last picture of my guest bedroom makeover

But before that, take a look back at where we started………..

Casa Vilora Interiors


Yep, that was the mess of a room that was dominated by the doggie, Rufus

By Niki (3) By Niki (6)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the finished guest bedroom. 6 short weeks were just that….short, but I got it done, and all I can say is that I am so happy it’s finished!

Thanks to my photographer Niki, my painters Ricardo and Roberto, my seamstress Mary and my art Installer Keith. They made this room happen in 6 weeks

Come back next week as I share some of the sources and resources for the products in the room.

Head on over to Calling It Home linky party to check out some of the other participants


Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Week 5 – Guest Bedroom Makeover

Hello, hello! And welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge! :-)

I am literally biting my fingernails right now as I give you this week’s update of my guest bedroom makeover. I have so many things yet to be done, and I am seriously nervous!

The good news is I already have my photographer and art installer scheduled for next week; the bad news is, I am not sure I will be ready for them :-(

My daughter Courtney’s art got held up at Hobby Lobby – they are framing them for me, and there is a good chance they will not be ready before the big reveal :-( Remember them? They are a big part of how this guest bedroom will come together. I would be totally bummed if that is the case.

12065598_10153652344200629_6492579745870029371_n 12049315_10153652344185629_4479319900356178737_n

I decided to add more of her work to the gallery wall which is still a work in progress. It takes so much art to fill a wall……it is definitely not a cheap undertaking.

Casa Vilora Interiors

There are still tons of frames sitting in my car, and time is not my best friend these days.

Regardless of the snafus this week, I did get quite a bit done – especially if you recall where we started. If not, you can check out week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 for the progress.

This is where we are this week

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can see that the fabulous silk fuchsia drapery panels are up, and I could not be happier with them!

casa Vilora Interiors

Look at how fabulously well they work with Courtney’s art. And that Greek key trim is TO.DIE.FOR.

Casa Vilora Interiors

This piece is one of my most favorite pieces she’s ever done

The chandelier is in. It is completely different from the three I was trying to choose from in week 3’s post. I chose this one because it had a masculine feel to it, and this room is veering heavily towards feminine, so this will help to balance the look a bit. I know, fuchsia is so not masculine :-)

Casa Vilora Interiors

I also chose to add a medallion onto the ceiling to create some interest with the chandelier. The chandelier actually arrived dark brown and I spray painted it gold. Here’s what it looked like before

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can see it is a very handsome chandelier, it was just the wrong color – I was hoping it would be black when I ordered it, but nope.

The Ikea hacked nightstand is in place, and it is so much better looking than the original dark brown color.

You will notice the lamps, there is something about them that I am not sure about. These lamps I ordered a while back for a project and never ended up using them. I think the black blends in too much with the walls and gold will be too much. I may do a gold accent to the base or just choose something else with a white base. Then again, there will be art behind the lamps so those will add some contrast.

What would you do with these lamps?


Here’s more from the room



What do y’all think so far?

I ended up ordering the Moroccan style mirror instead of using the one I already owned. I think I was really drawn to the cleaner lines and classic shape. Here’s what it looks like in case you forgot. It will go above the vanity table, and I think it’s perfect :-)

Casa Vilora Interiors

So the next time you see this room it will be finished and looking fabulous! (I hope :-) )

I am sure you are eager to see how the other participants are doing, so please head on over to Calling It Home Blog and check out today’s linky party. Many of you are aware that Linda of Calling It Home is the creator of this awesome bi-annual design challenge. It has grown so much an I am always happy to participate. I cannot believe that it is my 4th time! Wow!

Please come back next Thursday for the BIG REVEAL. I am so excited to see this room finished. I know it will be FABULOUS!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



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