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Hello my lovelies!

I know we all love a good challenge, and I know for sure that we all have a space in our homes in need of organizing. Right? I know I do!

Because I have seen first hand how staying organized is a challenge for most households, I decided to make a big fun event out of doing one room in your home. Hopefully after completing this challenge successfully, you will move on to even more rooms in your home.

Introducing the very first of many 4 Week Organize A Room Challenge

4 Week Organize A Room Challenge

From Tuesday September 6th to Tuesday October 4th we will be hosting the 4 Week Organize A Room Challenge.

About the Challenge

We will be working on a room in our design studio, and we invite anyone who would like to participate to join right in. Each Tuesday from Sept 6th to Oct 4th you will post in our Face Book Group Casa Vilora Interiors Classroom your progress as you do a little bit each week to get to your goal. Week one is where you introduce yourself and the room that you have chosen to organize, and each week you will post your progress. On week 4, we show off our finished spaces and celebrate with each other. There will be some prize drawings from some great sponsors, and one person will be selected to be featured on our blog

How To Participate

  • You must join our Facebook Group Casa Vilora Interiors Classroom. That is where I will be posting videos, tips and ideas. That is also where you will be posting pictures and videos about your progress each Tuesday
  • You must download our free Tip Sheet
  • You must actively participate – engage with other members, ask questions, share ideas.
  • We encourage you to share the challenge with friends and use hashtag #OrganizeARoomChallenge

Check out our video that explains a bit more about the challenge


So far we have one major sponsor and many more in the works. The prizes will be amazing.

Sherwin Williams Is One Of Our Sponsors! YAY!

Sherwin Williams Is One Of Our Sponsors! YAY!

Yes! This is a big deal! And the others are just as exciting!

I will be releasing more information about sponsors and prizes leading up to the start of the challenge

Even if you will not be doing  a room, we invite you to follow along, chime in and share, share, share. Don’t forget the hashtag #OrganizeARoomChallenge. We want to make this a fun event!

Looking forward to seeing each of you!


The Solomon Project Ministry – First Room Makeover

I am so excited about today’s post. It is near and dear to my heart, and in a minute you will see just why that is. It is a long one today, so please bear with me. I promise it will be worth it.

Before I get into this story, I wanted to make a point to mention that this post is in no way meant to arouse any political or religious debates or conflicts. Neither am I speaking out against anyone’s personal beliefs. I am simply sharing my story and my personal beliefs and the journey that led up to the start of this Ministry.

I am a Christian – I have been for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Jamaica in the Pentecostal denomination, went to Catholic schools (even though we were not practicing Catholics), and I am now a Southern Baptist. Like a lot of young people who grew up in the church, I got away from my faith during my late teens to early twenties, but as you get older, you are often convicted of Christ’s call on your life, and you usually find your way back to the church. At least that happened for me. I married a wonderful Christian man in 2001, and he passed away from cancer in 2004. I watched him suffer for many months before he passed away, and that period of my life drew me closer to God. I couldn’t have made it otherwise.

Fast forward to 2006 when I moved from Florida to Texas, and started my career in Interior Design. It honestly felt like the complete opposite of what I felt God was calling me to do. How can my calling be to spend people’s money on “frivolous” things like furniture and draperies? Certainly there are more important things in life? It was a struggle for me for many years. I knew that my heart was to give back in some way; but how? You see, I believe that if God blesses you with a gift or talent or resources, or whatever, it is not meant to be kept all for yourself. You are to bless someone else.

I prayed long and hard for God’s guidance in how to merge my career choice with my spiritual walk. Until one day, I came across this book “Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces” by Sharon Hanby-Robie

Sharon Hanby Robie

You see, I was no longer alone in this struggle. A well respected Interior Designer like Sharon also struggled with what God’s will was for her life through Interior Design. I began to dig deeper into the Bible where I found scripture after scripture that proved that God was the original Designer – He created us, this beautiful earth and all that’s in it. But there was even more – more of what people would consider “frivolous” – Exodus 37:1-29 detailed God’s design for the Ark of the Covenant. The story of Noah’s ark also detailed the plans for the ark that Noah built Genesis 6, Proverbs 24: 3-4, 1 Kings 7 and so many other scriptures in the Bible describes God’s plan for us to live in peaceful and undisturbed dwellings.

I finally saw the connection between my career and my spirituality, but how do I use that to minister to others? How do I put it into practice? After much looking around I found the Houston Furniture Bank D.I.V.A.S. (Decorating Interiors – Volunteers At Your Service). Our mission is to help folks in transition by decorating their homes using donated items from the Houston Furniture Bank. I was finally giving back in a way that was impacting someone’s life in a positive way. My heart was full and I was blessed by each project I did with them. You can read about some of the projects here, here and here

But I still felt like there was more I wanted to do. I loved working with the DIVAS, and I still work with them, but my heart was longing for something else. I couldn’t quite figure out what, until…………..

I am sure we all remember the videos that made their rounds on the internet and the news not too long ago about Planned Parenthood. Without getting into the details of them, I immediately felt convicted to my true ministry. God was somehow using these current events to show me what He wanted of me. It was to minister to young mothers and their babies. Young girls, who despite the struggles they faced, chose to give their unborn babies life. They chose to bring them into the world even though they were afraid, alone, and unequipped. I had to do something. I had to help as much as I could.

I looked into starting a non-profit and ran into road block after road block! I was very down-hearted. All I wanted to do was help. And so for a few months nothing happened. I decided to announce it on my Facebook page as a way to keep myself accountable. I figured if I told the world what I was doing, I would have to follow through. One day as I was driving along alone in my thoughts, the Bible story about King Solomon and the two prostitutes fighting over the the baby popped into my head (1 Kings 3:16-28). Immediately I knew God was telling me to give it a name. Giving the ministry a name made it even more real. But I couldn’t understand what the name should be. Certainly not anything to do with Solomon – that is my last name coincidentally. That seems way to vain – As if I was naming it after myself. Then God spoke to me again “It’s not about you my dear” and I knew that “The Solomon Project” would be the name. That gave me renewed hope and renewed enthusiasm.

I approached the Pregnancy Help Center here in Katy about my desire to help in any way I could. I have long been a financial supporter, and may have volunteered once, but never did much else. The Pregnancy Help Center was Founded in 1989. They strive to provide excellent and professional service to men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy. They are dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of anyone affected by an unplanned pregnancy. As a resource to the community, the Center presents alternatives to elective abortion, offers Christ-centered counseling, and educates on sexual responsibility.

The director didn’t quite understand what I was doing. And understandably so, she didn’t think I was very serious. I had asked her to identify a few young women who needed assistance with a nursery and/or a comfortable and nurturing space to bring their babies home to. We talked about putting a few names in a hat and do a random drawing. After not hearing back from her, I pushed a bit harder and finally got the name of this young lady – Destiny.

I called up Destiny with the most enthusiastic demeanor. I told her what I was doing, and she herself probably thought I was a bit coo-coo. I asked to meet at her home to see the room that she shared with her boyfriend Rafael at his mother’s house. It was a tiny room with just a small twin bed, and some random pieces of furniture. She needed everything from a crib to all the things a baby would need. She already had some clothes for the baby, but that was it.

She told me she was due in early June, so that gave me a couple of months to solicit donations and volunteers. She asked for a safari theme, as they were having a little boy whom they had already named Leonardo and were calling him Leo The Lion for short. How cute! So I set to work seeking donations from the community, my church, fellow designers. friends and family. I will include the list of donors at the end of this post.

I was amazed at how well-received The Solomon Project was. I received all the donations I needed to get this room/nursery together for Destiny and baby Leo. We did hit a bit of a snag in the process. I was set to install the at the original room where I met Destiny and Rafael, until she called the day before to tell me that she was no longer living there. This delayed the install for two weeks. Fortunately my friend Christine, who also has a heart for pregnant women, and who you will meet later in the post, came to my rescue. I was actually in the process of moving from my home as well, and had nowhere to store the furniture. Christine graciously offered to store the pieces in her storage unit. She even came to pick them up! Talk about an angel sent from above! Destiny was now living at her aunt’s house and of course the room was different from the room I was designing for. It was somewhat a similar size, so I made it work.

The room took about 5 hours to put together. I got some help from my installer Keith and of course Christine and her husband Judd delivered the furniture and the baby’s father Rafael and his brother chipped in to bring them up the stairs.

Ok, Ok enough talk………

Ready to see some pictures?

Here is the room before







So a few days before the install I got this picture

Baby Leo, Born on June 16th Weighing 9lbs and measuring 21 inches

Baby Leo, Born on June 16th Weighing 9lbs and measuring 21 inches

I was so excited!!

Here is the car packed and ready to go

IMG_5170 [418570]


Here is the furniture arriving from Christine’s storage

IMG_5178 [418659]


This is us after running up and down stairs with heavy furniture

IMG_5177 [418748]

Lydia (Christine’s daughter), Christine, and Me

And Christine holding baby Leo before she had to head out

IMG_5182 [418837]

Christine holding Baby Leo

Ok, I know you are ready to see the finished space. So here it is

So you can see the Safari theme that Destiny originally asked for. I just love the lion mobile


I commissioned this original canvas from a friend Aimee Chaison to really make the Leo the Lion name even more special


The crib and bedding were donated and as you can see that they fit perfectly with the theme

The headboard was actually a floor screen that I purchased at At Home. The texture is great for the safari theme and the colors work great with the color palette of the room. A real headboard was out of my budget


This dresser was actually donated by Christine, and she also painted it with chalk paint


A closer view of the headboard and the bedding. I fell in love with the bedding immediately when I saw it at HomeGoods


A closer view of the crib and bedding


More of the playful lion


The room lacked lighting – there were no overhead fixtures, so I brought in these two lamps


This amazing changing table was purchased at Katy Christian Ministries and my friend Christine also painted it with chalk paint


I got the little nightstand tables at Homegoods as a great surface to place feeding items for baby Leo

We also upgraded to a full size bed. Her aunt bought her the air mattress


Just too cute!


The custom drapery was also donated by a fellow designer Kelli, and the hardware by Helser Brothers. See the donor list below for more details


I got her a few photo frames for pictures of Leo


More photo frames


She really wanted a rocking chair, and we were fortunate to receive a donation of one


A full view of the room


You can see that this small room packs a lot of punch!


What do you think of the space?

See what Destiny and Rafael think

And here is the official room tour by me

The official List of Donors in no particular order. Without the support of these individuals and company, this room makeover would not have been possible. Thanks for all the prayers as well. And if your name was left off in error, please let em know.

Christine Halladay Heartsill, Kelli Gencsy Chitty, Helser Brothers, Linda Price, Sharon Meadows, Georgia Woolery, Christie Goldstein, Amber Hughes Bradford, Misha Bhatia, Eyde Woods, Christina Espinoza, Jeanne Rodriguez, Pam Pierce, Susan Cain Moss

Photography and video by David Ganao

I would love to get project number started, so please pray about supporting us whether through volunteering, financial or donating gently used baby items. Also if you are, or you know someone who needs help, please have them fill out the form here and we will contact them.

The next project will hopefully be underway in about two months!

Thanks again for your prayers and support

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!





Room Tour: An Eclectic & Stylish Living Room Makeover

Hello my lovelies!

I have missed you guys so much! It has been a crazy busy season in the world of Casa Vilora Interiors and The Naked Decorator has suffered a bit of negligence. Thank you guys for sticking with me during the silent periods. Your loyalty means so much to me

Of course, I wanted to make this a post full of eye candy to make up for my three week absence from the blogosphere (Do people still say that?) 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

This particular project is very near and dear to my heart, and I love every piece of it.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior Designer, Houston Interior Designer

My friend Georgia was ready for her third project with me. I have know this girl now for over 25 years going back to our days in Montego Bay, Jamaica where we both grew up. I still remember the first time I met her, and realized that she was a cool chica 🙂

She moved here to Houston about 5 or 6 years ago, after living in New York for a number of years. I think my move to Houston may have influenced her decision a tiny bit (at least I’d like to think so), and I was very happy when she ended up making the big move. She has a son (Aaron), who is close in age to my son, Josh, so that was a big bonus.

After buying a new home in the Cypress area she asked me to do some custom window treatments for a few rooms, and I was happy to oblige. A few years later, she enrolled into nursing school to finish her degree and decided to move to a small one bedroom apartment and lease out her home for a while. She called me in to make the small rental apartment accommodating for both her and her son. This meant I had to carve out a bedroom where one did not exist for Aaron. The result was a fabulous, eclectic and very stylish apartment. Here is a shot from that apartment space. You will see some of the same pieces in the new space.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior Designer, Houston Interior Designer

She decided to move back into her home a few months ago and called upon me again to transform the space into a stylish livable space.

She had placed a lot of her beautiful pieces into storage when we redid her apartment, simply because they couldn’t fit in the small apartment. She wanted to transplant the look we had created in the apartment back into her home and sell the pieces that were in storage. I begged her not to sell the amazing pieces she had collected for years. She has very exquisite and high-end style and had managed to amass a treasure trove of some amazing pieces from various periods and styles – chinoiserie, french regency, rococo, mid-century modern, just to name a few.

She loves the mix of all these styles for an eclectic and collected feel in her home. I was so excited to take all these pieces that seemingly were random pieces that did not match or even relate to each other, and create a beautiful, cohesive space for her. I knew that as long as we were using all the pieces that she loved, we could not go wrong.

So with the smallest budget she ever gave me to work with to date :-), I set out to shop for accent pieces that would tie everything together.

Before I get to what the rooms look like now; let’s look back at the BEFORE video I recorded using Facebook Live.

I know you all are ready to see the AFTER shots, so here goes


Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Living Room

This shot of the living room showcases her large Ralph Lauren gilt mirror similar to the 18th century Italian overmantel mirrors. I placed it above a red painted chinoiserie chest as the room’s focal point. I decided to display her vast collection of blue and white chinoiserie jars and pottery in one big grouping to give more impact. There are a few more scattered throughout the spaces. The large Chippendale style ottoman in the center was recovered in the colorful chinoiserie fabric that I chose – this was the main element that I used to tie all the colors and styles together. We wanted to use her hair-on-hide rug but it was too small for the space, so I chose the faux sisal rug to anchor the seating arrangement.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

Here you can see one of my favorite pieces by the window – the red two-tiered table with a cute little vignette on top. You will also notice the two brown leather Klismos style chairs. By the window are two Ralph Lauren houndstooth chairs with a very unique curve to the arms. Love them!

The window treatments are the first project I did for her. they are beautiful silk panels and Roman shades

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The leather klismos style chairs

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Ralph Lauren houndstooth chairs

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

She already owned the french style sofa, and it was a bit formal for the room. We talked about reupholstering it, but in the end, I decided to remove the matching pillows that came with it and add more casual and fun pillows. Now you don’t even notice the formal silk fabric on the body. It acts as a neutral with all the pops of color.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

You will also notice the beautiful chinoiserie lacquered screen behind the sofa. She wanted it hung on the wall, and I was against that idea because I did not want to put holes in the back (which also has a finished chinoiserie scene). My installer figured out a way to anchor it from the top and bottom where the screws would not be visible. Brilliant! Now it is one of my favorite part of the room

A few more shots of the room

A Ceramic Garden Stool With A Lambs Wool Rug Thrown Over It

A Ceramic Garden Stool With A Lambs Wool Rug Thrown Over It

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Art Deco Styled Console – Custom Upholstered

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

Blue and White Pottery Collection

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

Georgia and her hubby were at odds about the TV placement. So here’s the compromise.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

TV In The FireBox

I know it’s kinda weird, but this is Houston and we seriously do not use our fireplaces ever! Her TV happened to fit exactly in the opening. When it is off, you do not even notice it’s there. And no, it’s not too low for them 🙂 This photo was taken later with my iPhone

Here are some other areas in the home that we decorated

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Foyer

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Dining Room

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Dining Room

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Newly Spray Painted Chandelier – From Gaudy Gold To Black Lacquer

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Bar Area Off The Kitchen

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

The Foyer Vignette

The space looks just like her. She dresses in the same whimsical, quirky, stylish but still sophisticated manner. She absolutely loves the space. In fact, she graciously did a video testimonial for me to use for marketing (not included here). How sweet is she? Love this girl 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

Here is Georgia Doing A Video Testimonial

This photo taken with my iPhone 🙂

Here’s a final view of the living room. So fresh, stylish, eclectic and so her.

Casa Vilora Interiors, Katy Interior designer, Houston Interior Designer

We are both very pleased with the space! This one is up there with my favorites. I know this look is not for everyone, but it is definitely her style and personality

Here is a video tour of the completed space

I would love to help you create a space that reflects your style and personality. Check out our website for more details. And don’t forget that even if you are far, far away in Never Never Land, our eDesign service knows no borders 🙂


Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!




Inspiring Work Spaces

Hello my lovelies! Happy Memorial day!

I remember about 17 years ago when my daughter (who is now 19) was just a toddler, I had a really strong desire to work from home. I hated the thought of having to drop her off at daycare everyday and I just wanted an opportunity to be able to work from home and take care of my baby. I searched high and low, but there were just not that many options out there. I tried unsuccessfully for a while to sell Avon products, but that wasn’t paying the bills. I eventually found a company that after buying some expensive equipment, allowed me to take their customer service calls from home. That didn’t work very well with a needy toddler, so that was very short-lived.

Fast forward to today, and most of my colleagues and friends work from home. Most people I know either have home-based businesses or telecommute for larger corporations. A large percentage of my clientele does. Great opportunities are out there to plan world domination right from the comfort of your home office, or spare bedroom closet in some cases 🙂 Working from home has almost become the norm.

So with so many people working from home, how do they stay motivated and inspired to be creative? How do they separate the home life from the work life? How do they block out distractions to be able to get some work done? How can they feel confident having those video conference calls with the boss without worrying about clutter?

Today, I will show you a few inspiring work spaces that we created, and offer some tips on how you can achieve the same look and feel in your home office

Katy Interior Designer, Casa Vilora Interiors

This space had to function as an office, a sitting room and a library. It was created as a “she-cave” to indulge in a well loved hobby, and having a few people over. This space would be ideal for someone who works from home occasionally from a laptop and not necessarily for someone running a major business operation. The key to this space is that it is multi-functional.

Casa Vilora Interiors Katy Interior Designer

This space was created for an oil executive who works outside of the home, but wanted a dedicated space in his home to get some extra work done. He wanted to be able to close it off at the end of the night and so we created this dedicated study for him

Katy Interior Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

This space was created as a dedicated home work area for two siblings. The layout allows each child to have their own space and the pops of color will hopefully motivate them to do the work 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors

This work space was actually squeezed out of a small studio apartment. You can see that it’s just one room that had to include a sleeping area and a sitting area. A lot of storage was not necessarily required at this point but could be added later. The color palette was kept light and airy to make the space feel larger

Casa Vilora Interiors

This space was completed for a client who runs a utilities company, but only works from home occasionally. He still wanted to have lots of storage and a space that is well pulled together.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Even an 800 square foot apartment can manage to incorporate an inspired work space. This space was created for a nursing student who needed an area to get studies and homework done. We carved out this tiny area off the kitchen to be her dedicated work space.

Casa Vilora Interiors

This space was created for a stay at home mom who does the accounting for her husband’s company. She needed a dedicated office that she can lock away when the kids get home from school. We even included a separate area off the kitchen where she does homework with the kids (not shown)

If you work from home, hopefully you have been inspired to create a space that will work for you. Whether it is a dedicated room, or just a small closet, here are some things to keep in mind

  • Avoid clutter. Bring in only things that will be used or decorative items to make the space beautiful
  • Include tons of storage and items to keep you organized
  • Invest in a comfortable office chair
  • Incorporate a white board or cork board
  • Incorporate good lighting
  • Don’t allow work to spill into your home life and vice versa
  • Have a spot to sort mail – include a trash can for junk mail

If you need professional guidance with creating an inspiring work space in your home, please give us a call

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



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