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Veronica Solomon
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Please Help A Family In Need

Casa Vilora Interiors
We Need Your Help Creating A Home For A Family In Need
We here at Casa Vilora Interiors are pleased to be working again in collaboration with the Houston Furniture Bank D.I.V.A.S. on a volunteer project of creating a home for a family in need.

Our current project is for a family of 5…….a single mom with her 3 boys and her mother.

This single mom came highly recommended to the DIVAS as a deserving individual who has a positive attitude and good work ethic. She was discharged from the Navy in 2004 and has 3 sons, ages 14, 10 & 8. The family moved to Houston from Virginia. Her youngest child was born here and her husband left them in 2008 and she and her 3 boys have been homeless or moving around since then.

She has an Associate Degree from HCC in electronic technology. Her passion, though, is Interior Design and she has decided to follow this as a career. She will graduate from the Art Institute in Dec. 2015. She is getting financial support from Catholic Charities who helped her get into a 4 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bath house. Her mother, will be residing with them for awhile to provide support while she is in school.

We are so excited to help her in her pursuit of a better life for her family.

If you are local to the Houston area, please consider donating gently used items such as queen size bedding, shower curtains, art, lamps, frames, accessories, storage solutions, nightstands and queen mattresses.

Cash donations are also welcomed and can be made from anywhere in the world. Click the Paypal link below to make a donation of any size to this worthy cause.

If you have items to donate, please call Veronica at 281-725-2241, and I will make arrangements to pick them up. Our deadline is Friday, February 6th.

I will be sharing details and pictures of the finished space in a few weeks

Thanks so much!

Wishing You Beauty & Inspiration!



Styling My Coffee Table

Hello One and All :-)

Today I just wanted to share with you a small piece of my living room, which is currently a work in progress…..the coffee table vignette

Casa Vilora Interiors

Imagine downsizing from a 4200sf home to a 2500sf over a year ago; selling about 90% of the large-scaled, traditional furniture you owned and starting from scratch with all new furniture and accessories?

Well, that is just what I did, and I LOVE it! Simplifying has been a life changing thing for me and my family. And the bonus was a brand new space to make my mark on. As a Decorator, there is no greater joy than decorating a space, especially your own. What is weird though….and I am sure that it is the case for a lot of fellow Decorators…..is the fact that we see and love so many different styles and trends, that it is hard to decide what we really want to live with everyday.

Like most of our clients, we have a budget to consider, and so we truly have to get creative with getting the right look for the right price.

You will see later when I share the finished space here on the blog, that I have completely moved away from a very sophisticated and traditional decorating style, to a more casual, comfortable, lived in look with a bit of elegance thrown in the mix. My new decor is now a melting pot of all the things I love – different styles, periods, trends and even colors.

My living room was a large space that I decided to make into a living/dining room combination that is more suited for how I really live in the space. This meant that the living room was now a smaller more cozy sitting area with a long sofa and two chairs.

Instead of overpowering the new smaller space with a large coffee table, I decided to nest two smaller end tables.

Casa Vilora Interiors

These faux bamboo tables were light and airy enough to suit my needs. The mirrored tops help to bounce the light around just a bit. You may notice that they were originally silver, but I spray painted them gold to work better with he warmer tones in the rug.

Casa Vilora Interiors

I always add books when I style a coffee table. Books add warmth and personality, and they are a great space filler too! They are usually inexpensive, and you probably already own a few. Add interesting books that are sure to be conversation starters when you have people over. You can choose book covers with colors that match the room, but personally, I love to bring in lots of different colors to make the look more authentic and not too contrived

Ceramic Figurines

I have seriously been obsessed with white ceramic figurines lately. I have quite the collection. “Squiddy” is one of my most recent finds  and he sits prominently on a stack of books.

The golden pear is also a recent buy, and I am loving the gold trend right now.


Flowers and plants add life and a natural element to a room. This is also a great way to add a pop of color. My living room is predominantly blues, grays, golds and I decided to add a pop of coral as an accent. These flowers are faux rosebuds placed in a small gold vase.

Scented Candles

A room is more complete when it speaks to all the senses, including your sense of smell. Adding candles in stylish containers in your favorite scents will do just that. Keep candles in either white or off white for a more classic look. This sweet smelling candle was actually a win in a Twitter contest! It’s like they know me so well! Yay me! :-)

Casa Vilora Interiors
So there you have it – A small piece of my living room makeover in progress. I will be sharing the finished space soon here on the blog.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more glimpses at this space before the big reveal coming soon.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


DIY Decorative Urchin

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday! :-)

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy DIY project that I did late last year. It is one of those projects that’s so fun to do, the kids will want to help!

Casa Vilora Interiors

You’ve seen these decorative urchins aka Scoppio Spheres everywhere? They are a big trend at the moment. Great for adding texture to a vignette in a room.

Photo Via ZGallerie

Photo Via ZGallerie

I own a couple of these decorative urchins, but I wanted something with longer “spikes” and I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I decided to make my own.

Ready to see how I created my own version of these decorative urchins? Here goes!

What You Need For This Project



  • Mini Skewers (I used long ones and cut them in half. One bag for the two urchins)
  • Baking Clay (one package each)
  • Spray Paint (one can for both)
  • Baking Cookie Sheet
  • Foil Paper
  • You may need hot glue

What To Do 

Start by rolling the baking clay into round balls. Flatten the bottoms so they will be able to support the skewers and be able to sit on a flat surface.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Add the skewers starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Pay attention to the placement of each.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Add as many as you would like to achieve the look you are going for.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Once all the skewers have been added, it is time to place them on a baking cookie sheet lined with foil paper

Casa Vilora Interiors

Place in a preheated oven set to 375 degrees, and bake for about an hour. After removing them from the oven, there may be some loose skewers. You can dab a bit of hot glue to hold the loose ones in place.

Casa Vilora Interiors

After they have cooled it is time for spray paint! Paint any color you like, but they seem to look better in metallics like gold and silver

Here’s the finished product.

Casa Vilora Interiors

IMG_0577 alt 2 yes IMG_0587 IMG_0670
So, for under $20.00 and just a few easy steps, pretty much anyone could tackle this DIY project.

Is this a DIY project you would tackle?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!






Casa Vilora Interiors Turns 7

Casa Vilora Interiors
So I am super happy to announce that this month we celebrate 7 years in business! Yay!!!

Through the ups and downs over the years we have remained committed to providing our clients with beautiful spaces that represents their lifestyle and taste.

Our mission statement sums it up

“We are a customer focused design firm that operates with honesty and integrity and treat every client the way we would want to be treated. We provide turn-key design and remodeling services and  custom window treatment fabrication that exceed the expectations of our clients who desire a professional, signature style for their home and small office. Our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful and functional interiors that reflect their lifestyle, personality and style, while respecting their budget. Our passion for people and helping each client achieve their unique vision for their ideal home and lifestyle drives us to collaborating with the highest level of trade professionals and design resources. we create interiors that are timelessly elegant and comfortably chic that enhance the lives of our clients”

I am thankful to all my clients who have entrusted their dreams of a beautiful home to me. Your support means the world to me!

design (7)

A big thank you to the great vendors, artisans and contractors whom I have the pleasure of collaborating with on all my projects. Without them it just wouldn’t be possible.

design (8)1


And thanks to my two awesome children (Courtney and Joshua) who have put up with some crazy stuff over the years! :-) I am sure that they are relieved that they no longer have to step over boxes and boxes of client deliveries just to get to their bedrooms :-)

Without their love and support, this would all be in vain.

I am absolutely proud of what we have been able to achieve over the last 7 years. From a very humble start operating out of my home office, to our new studio in the heart of Katy TX, you can easily see that hard work and determination, despite challenges and obstacles does pay off in the end. Although I am not quite where I want to be yet, it just motivates me to keep working at it – little by little.

This year promises to be a great one! My clientele and social media influence are growing by leaps and bounds, and I am looking forward to a total re-branding of my company early this year. Look out for more details in the coming months.

Of course you can’t turn the lucky number 7 without looking back at where it all began……one of my very first projects


Thanks to the Moultrys who trusted me with their home, even with a meager portfolio at the time.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to wake up everyday doing what I love! Here’s to seven times seven more years of delivering beautiful homes to wonderful families

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


To Paint Or Not To Paint

Since I completed the One Room Challenge for the Small Swanky Sitting Room in my new home back in October, I have been slowly doing some small projects around my house as time and budget allows.

Katy Interior Designer


As I often tell my clients, finishing one room inspires you to keep moving forward to other projects until it is all done. Same for us Designers, we do practice what we preach – although for us, it is never quite finished :-)

The most recent project was the bar vignette in my dining area that I shared with you all a few weeks ago. Click here if you missed that post

Katy Interior Designer photo (156)
I am now working on my living/dining room and breakfast room areas

The small breakfast room housed a dining table and six chairs, and was a little bit too small to make it really functional. I decided to move the dining room furniture into the much larger living room, making it a dining room/sitting room combination and the breakfast room is now a “morning room” where I have 2  comfy chairs and a round table that adjusts from cocktail table height to dining table height. This is where I enjoy my morning juices, meditation and prayer time before I leave for the office

I will share with you the full back story, before & after pictures and details in a future post when it is all complete, but today I need your help making a decision.

Are you up for sharing your two cents? Good

The big decision is whether I should spray paint a few Ikea pieces or not?

I decided to bring in 2 Ikea Vittsjo shelving units and a Trysil 3 drawer chest as a temporary solution to the built-in bookcases that I eventually want to do in my living/dining room.

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Ikea Trysil 3 Drawer Chest

Ikea Trysil 3 Drawer Chest

I have been in love with a certain gold etagere from Worlds Away that I have been wanting for the longest while, but it is just a tad over my budget


But although the Ikea pieces are temporary and inexpensive doesn’t mean they can’t be fabulous!! So I will be styling the heck out of these bad boys! :-)

Here is what they look like right now in the space from different angles (pre-painting and pre-styling of course)

They were fairly easy to put together after figuring out the right way to do it. The first one I had to put together twice! Pay close attention to that little Ikea dude on each page of the wordless instructions. He isn’t kidding when he tells you not to use a certain screw in a certain area.

Ikea Man

Ikea Man

photo (166)


photo (165)


photo (167)



Keep in mind that they are not yet styled, and the objects are just randomly placed.

There will be a small TV placed on top of the chest of drawers. This room will be used mainly for entertaining family and friends, and not for watching TV. We have a game room upstairs where the kids watch TV and hang out…….and make all kinds of messes :-)

The plan is to either leave them as is or paint the shelving units in gold, with the shelves at the very top and the very bottom in a glossy white to look like lacquer.  I would also be painting the 3 drawer chest in the same glossy white, with the base and hardware in gold.

This is the look I am going for with the shelves (minus the marbling of the top and bottom shelves)  via House Of Hawkes

Via House Of Hawkes

Via House Of Hawkes

So what do you think: To Paint or Not To Paint?

I am leaning heavily towards spray painting, because I love the lighter, much brighter look. It’s just the task that I am not looking forward to. I am guessing each shelf will take 2-3 cans of spray paint, so it shouldn’t be a big cost.

I will keep you all posted on what I decide, and of course share pictures after they are styled.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



Why You Need A Plan For Your Decorating Success

Katy Interior Designer

Veronica Solomon

Decorating your home is fun, but it is definitely serious business. It requires a financial investment as well as time and energy. If you decide to tackle decorating as a DIY project, there are certain things to consider and it is essential to have a plan. It is basically being your own client, where everything like the budget and your needs have to be considered.

This plan serves as your roadmap and is essential to the success of your project.

My biggest advice

Never go shopping without a plan. It leads to spending money that you didn’t plan on spending or purchasing things that will not work. Sure, that pink velvet sofa looks amazing in the showroom, but have you considered things like – Is it soil resistant? Will it still look great after a year of Fido sitting on it? Is it too trendy? Will it work with the other furniture that you already own?

Here are some great questions to ask yourself before running out to the furniture store

  •  How long do you plan on staying in the home? The answer to this question will help you set a budget and the direction you want to take the project in. If you are planning to move in a couple of years, you may not want to invest into items that you can’t take with you
  • Who will be using the space and what are their ages? This is important especially if you have elderly parents living with you or a child with special needs. You may need to install grab bars in bathrooms or arrange furniture to make proper traffic for a wheelchair
  • Do you have pets? What is the breed?. This is important to consider because if you have a dog that sheds a lot, then you need to really consider the finishes that you use. Dark wood floors tend to show dust and of course dog hair much more than lighter floors
  • Do you have family and friends over for entertaining alot. This will affect the way you arrange furniture and the amount of seating you need in the room
  • What type of activities do your family typically do? Do you need a table top for board games or puzzles? Do you play video games together? Do you need a space for reading or homework?
  • Do you have adequate storage? Will each room have more than one purpose?
  • What are your favorite colors? Or it might be better to figure out what colors you absolutely don’t want in the space. Remember that each family member may have different color needs
  • Can the entire family agree on the same design style or are you polar opposites? How will you reconcile the differences?
  • What style will the furniture and accessories be? Do you want classic or trendy?
  • What is the architectural style of your home? It helps to keep the decorating style in the  same style as the home’s architecture
  • What will serve as the inspiration or jumping off point for the design plan? Do you have a favorite fabric, or rug, or an antique piece of furniture that you absolutely love?
  • What is your budget for the project? Will it cover the entire project in one shot or do you need to work in phases? Which pieces will you start with for the biggest impact if you will decorate in stages? Have you researched actual costs versus guesswork? Always add an extra 10-20% to cover the inevitable incidentals that always pop up
  • How much of the project can you do yourself to save money and how much will you need to hire out?
  • How much time to you have to invest into shopping for furniture and accessories? Whether online or local retailers.
  • How much time will you  have for researching and finding resources on how to complete the project?

If all the above does not sound like your cup of tea, then you may have to call in reinforcements. Our Mail Order Decorator Service (eDesign) is perfect if you are not local to the Houston area. It is a cost-effective way to utilize the services of a professional Interior Decorator and still get the satisfaction of implementing the project yourself.

If you are local to the Houston area, we can meet with you in your home for a design consultation.


Or if you know that you’ve got this, you may want to take advantage of a helpful resource, our eBook “How To Create A Beautifully Decorated Room For Under $5000″ This handy guide gives you step by step instructions on how to decorate on a budget

Do you have any decorating projects planned for this year? Do tell

Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!

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Three Design Trends That I am Totally Into

Every January, the design community is abuzz with what the newest design trends will be. The color of the year can be seen in everything from fashion to home decor, and style trends can be seen in home accessories and furniture.

While I try not to focus too much on trends for my clients, every room could use a touch of what’s hot, exciting and new.

Some of the biggest trends that I have seen for 2015 are:

  • Bold saturated colors, as is evident in Pantone’s color of the year (Marsala)
  • Navy blue will also be big this year
  • Brass has been a hot trend for the past year or so, and I see it staying a while longer. You can check out a recent blog post about why “Brass Is Beautiful”
  • Mixing metals is also a hot trend. Golds and silvers are co-existing beautifully in today’s high fashion homes
  • Traditional style is also making a come back. People are ready for comfy cozy over stark and contemporary
  • Smokey glass furniture and accessories seem to be on trend as well

So which three trends am I really into?

Katy Interior Designer
You can see from one of my recent projects, that I am in love with brass. I don’t mean the brass or gold from the 80’s. Today’s brass is rich and beautiful and add so much warmth to a room.

I am also really into mixing metals. Here is a vignette in my dining room and you can see that I have combined gold, silver and pewter effortlessly. Here I added a silver chest of drawers, a gold lamp and sparkle star accessory, and the pewter frames around the art.

Casa Vilora Interiors
This is another project I recently completed and you can see the deep navy paint color of the dining room. I had to talk my client into going this dark, but she loved it when it was all done. She loves her traditional style, so I gave her a fresh take on traditional using her existing furniture.

I have a few projects that I will be doing in my home this year, and re-doing my powder room is high on the list. It is a really small room but I will be going super bold with black walls….yes, you heard that right, black walls! I will also be painting the ceiling gold and switch out the plumbing and light fixtures and the mirror to brass. That will definitely add an elegant feel to the powder room.

Via GoodHouseKeeping.com

Via GoodHouseKeeping.com

This picture that I came across on Pinterest via Good HouseKeeping is my inspiration for my powder room makeover. The salon style art wall is an unexpected touch, but I love it!

What do you think? Any trends that you are really into?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



More Than Dieting

Weight loss goals are pretty common for New Year’s Resolutions, and quite honestly I am not big on setting that as a goal. I mean, most people break them by the end of January! The gym crowds thin out by mid-January and people go back to what feels comfortable and convenient..

About 2 years ago I decided to change my eating lifestyle to “almost raw-vegan” This means I eat mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains with minimal cooking. I also cut out most meat and only kept fish for special occasions or when I eat out. I juice fruits and vegetables at least once a day and snack on raw cashews and raw almonds during the day.

design (8)

Well it was all going well until a few months ago when things got really busy in my business and personal life, and it was a challenge for me to stick to my choices. I was eating out more (every night sometimes) because of late meetings and networking events. I became highly addicted to some awesome lentil chips called “Plentils”, which are great in moderation, but I was scarfing down a bag or more a day!

I have never really struggled with weight issues – I was always a comfortable size 2. Well lately I noticed that these bad choices (although not terrible) were catching up to me. I gained a few pounds (more like 15) and worse yet, I wasn’t working out! In the past I could lose weight without any effort, but I guess at my age (42), it will require a bit more effort on my part.

This is me just 3 years ago and the size I am trying to get back to.

Heading Out For A Night On The Town 2012

Heading Out For A Night On The Town 2012

So without jumping on the weight loss resolution cliche band-wagon, I am going back to the healthy choices that I know works for me and my kids.

  • We will still stick to a mostly raw vegan diet, but there will be a bit more cooking involved. It just works better for the kids.
  • We will continue to juice daily
  • Absolutely no meat and animal products (including fish)
  • Make more raw desserts as reward for the kids
  • Eat out alot less (great for my budget too)
  • Drink lots more water (that is always a challenge for me)
  • Exercise more
  • Occasional raw cleanses and green juice fasts

Here I am as of today (January 4, 2015). A size 4 which isn’t too bad, but being 5’2″ every extra pound shows up immediately!

Don’t mind the empty frames over the mantel and ladder in the middle of the room….work in progress. :-)

Vegan meals can be delicious! Check out some of my favorites



This is called Ackee – It is the national fruit of Jamaica (my homeland). Although it is a fruit, it cannot be eaten raw (it is actually poisonous if eaten raw). We usually eat it with salted cod fish and it is super delicious. Here I made it with sauteed vegetables and had it with boiled green bananas

Black Beans With Organic Sweet Corn

Black Beans With Organic Sweet Corn

This is black beans and organic sweet corn. I usually have this with mashed red potatoes, or couscous, or I use it for lettuce wraps. This is also super yummy.

Here I am after my half share haul at the Fully Raw Organic Co-op. In fact The Fully Raw Website has been a great resource and inspiration to me. Check it out for some great raw meal ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my return to my healthy lifestyle and my weight loss goal. For me it is more than dieting. I am hoping to be back to my former size by this Spring.

Do you have weight loss goals for this year?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



2014 Year In Review

Casa Vilora Interiors

I can hardly believe that 2015 is already here!

Like everyone does this time of the year, I have spent today looking back at 2014 – both the hits and the misses; the goals that I had set – the ones that I accomplished and the ones that are still in the works.

It was great to look back at all my accomplishments and how I have grown over these 12 months, but I also looked at the mistakes and the lessons that I learned from them. It is all a part of the growth process – the highlights and the low points are all there to guide us to our goals and dreams. They all serve a purpose.

It was wonderful getting to know my readers here on the Blog through your comments and questions. I have also loved meeting all my new clients, and bringing design into your homes and to your mailboxes all year long.

I invite you to join me as I look back at all the BIG moments and accomplishments from 2014, starting with this 19 second Flipagram video.

As you can see, my year was full of amazing projects and beautiful decor. But the biggest reward of all was the happy clients that are now enjoying beautiful, comfortable and functional surroundings

untitledbLast January marked our 6th year in business. This year we turn 7 years old!! Through the ups and downs, we remain committed to providing quality design and customer service to our clients

Casa Vilora Interiors

One of the biggest accomplishments for 2014 was the launch of our new website! It was indeed a labor of love, and believe me it is still a work in progress, but having the freedom to make changes whenever I want is priceless!

katy interior designer, katy interior decorator


My charity work with the Houston Furniture Bank DIVAS in September was indeed a wonderful experience. I was blessed by the people that we got the honor of helping and the fellow designers that I had the pleasure of working with.

interior designer in katy IMG_4968

Katy Interior Designer Katy Interior Designer

I completed two One Room Challenges – The Studio dining room in the Spring and the small sitting room in the Fall. Both challenges were just that…..challenging, but I loved the process and the results.

Katy Interior Designer Katy Interior Designer interior designer in katy 2014-07-07 01.24.30 17d882231b7636a2b49f6e0b7bb30d27

Via Casa Vilora Interiors

Via Casa Vilora Interiors


Casa Vilora Interiors Casa Vilora Interiors


Katy Interior Designer

Mail Order Design by Casa Vilora Interiors

I completed several great projects for clients and delivered several eDesign projects over the last 12 months.

Katy Interior Designer Katy Interior Designer

Lots of DIY projects as well……..

Katy Interior Designer Katy Interior Designer photo (159)

And a few personal projects in my home…….which is always a work in progress.

photo (15)

Our social media presence grew throughout 2014. Our Facebook likes grew from around 1200 at the beginning of January 2014 to currently 3404. Our Twitter and Instagram has grown as well, plus new subscriptions to our Blog and Newsletter.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

We launched our new eBook “How To Create A Beautifully Decorated Room For Under $5000″ which has been a great resource for those who want a beautiful home on a sensible budget. You can get it here

interior designer in katy

Casa Vilora Interiors App in Progress

We also launched our FREE app, which you can get here. Our app is packed with useful resources and information right at your finger tips


My Gift Cards were pretty popular this year! I will be quite busy for a while :-) We sold an unprecedented amount, and I am thrilled that so many folks will get to enjoy beautiful new surroundings.

Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton and Veronica Solomon at Houston Design Center

alexa hampton

I had the honor of meeting a few of my design heroes like Alexa Hampton and Jay Jeffers. It is always a pleasure learning from these Designers who are Leaders in our industry.

design (6)

So instead of making a list of goals for 2015 – like traveling more, spending more time with the kids etc, I will show you what will be my “road map” for the year.

Casa Vilora Interiors
Wisdom, Inspiration and grounded in Truth are this year’s personal keywords for me. Learning to #BEMORE in my thinking and actions are high on my priority list.

The BIG goal for 2015………….

design (5)
Thank you for taking a look back with me at the highlights of 2014! I am so blessed to be able to wake up everyday and do what I love to do, and get paid to do it! How amazing is that?

I look forward to a great 2015 and I wish the same for all my readers and followers. Happy New year!

What are your personal keywords for 2015?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!