Creating Quick And Easy……And Beautiful Vignettes

Creating beautiful vignettes is one area that I see a lot of people struggle with in decorating their home. They may find it easier to choose the bigger upholstery and case goods pieces, but seem to get stuck when it comes to styling and adding personality.

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Creating pretty vignettes or groupings is one of the easiest ways to add a designer touch in a room. Think of them as beautiful still life on top of shelves, tables, fireplace mantels, dressers, countertops, or any other flat surface that your heart desires.

Casa Vilora Interiors

You can use accessories like mirrors, decorative boxes, greenery, floral, vases, urns, obelisks, photos, or any other personal belongings to create a mood or a feeling in the room. When your vignette includes items that have special meaning or sentimental value, it serves as a wonderful inspiration and conversation piece that is sure to make you smile whenever you enter the room.

Vignettes can also be functional, like this bar area

Casa Vilora Interiors

A vignette makes a room more pulled together and polished and reinforces the rooms color scheme and theme.


Here are some tips to creating a quick, easy and beautiful vignette

  • Be sure that your vignette or grouping includes a light source, whether it is a lamp, sconces, candles or natural light. If your vignette is arranged in a dark corner, the effect will be lost.
  • Be sure that the objects selected suit the style and theme of the room in the way they are arranged. Symmetrical arrangements work best in a traditional room and an asymmetrical arrangement works best in a more casual room.
  • Choose colors that will complement the dominant color in the room. Florals are a great way to do this
  • Place several objects of similar shape, size and color together in odd numbers for maximum impact. Groups of three or five work particularly well and are stronger visually than a group of two or four
  • Vary heights but still maintain proportion and balance
  • Objects on the table or mantel surface should overlap the art or mirror on the wall above

Casa Vilora Interiors

Vignettes can be as simple or as complexed as you like, but the principles of proper scale, proportion, balance and rhythm need to be applied. You can start simple and layer on more objects as you feel more comfortable. Remember it is a great idea to use some objects that have some special meaning to you. After all, that’s what your home should be….all about you and your lifestyle.

So boldly go forth and create those beautiful vignettes that express your unique personality!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



Pretty Pillows And Where To Find Them

The best part of my job is selecting textiles. I love mixing patterns to create just the right look and feel in a room. Textiles are what add personality to a finished space. I strongly believe that no room is complete without them.

My favorite way to add interesting patterns and textures through textiles is in throw pillows.

Usually I prefer to do custom pillows for my design projects, since it gives me the opportunity to do exactly what I want. The sky is the limit with custom. But of course, custom pillows can be quite pricey.

When custom pillows is not in the decorating budget, I have a few favorite sources that I turn to that never disappoint.

Take a look at some pretty pillows and where you can find them………..

OB-Pillow Perfect

The bottom four are All Modern $29, Tonic Living $59, Zinc Door $90, Hayneedle $72

I have several other sources that I love to use for my eDesign projects, but these are definitely some great options for fabulous and pretty pillows for less.

As you can see, I am a pillow connoisseur :-) , so finding just the right style for the right price is always a priority for me

Katy Interior Designer
I love mixing and matching different sizes, patterns, textures and colors

What are your favorite sources for pillows?

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


Decorating A Shared Bedroom For A Boy & Girl & How To Keep The Peace

Hello my lovelies!

Happy Monday!

I know most households run into the situation where two kids have to share one bedroom. That can be a big challenge in itself. A small bedroom now has to function for two kids – their stuff and their personalities. To add a bit more into the mix – the room has to be shared between a toddler boy and a girl!

How do you arrange the sleeping areas to make sure each kid has their personal space?

How do you address the styling need for a boy versus a girl?

How do you make the room imaginative for both kids?

How do you address the storage needs of the room?

How do you make sure there is still room for the kids to play and just be kids?

Casa Vilora Interiors

I was called upon about three years ago by one of my best clients to create an imaginative and well put together space for their toddler boy who was about 2 at the time, and their baby girl who was just a few months old.

She had just a few things on her wish list and left the rest up to me

  • Using her favorite color palette of purples
  • The room should not be themey or too babylike/childlike
  • As much storage as possible
  • Enough floor space for play. Although they have a game room where the kids all play together, she still wanted some play area in their room
  • Stylish and imaginative
  • Cohesive and gender neutral

So I had my work cut out for me in this small bedroom.

Here is where we began



Here are a few tips based on what I did for this project that I think will work for any shared kids’ bedroom

Casa Vilora Interiors

  • Use color to add personality and define each kid’s special space. Here we started with “electric blue” walls as I called them. My client wanted to use purple as the color palette. Adding an interesting paint technique of the bold horizontal stripes brings in a ton of personality and made an interesting back drop for the rest of the space. A touch of blue identified the boy side of the room, and apple green identified the girl side of the room
  • Make the room fun, imaginative and add a personal touch for each kid – The “alphabet soup” on the walls was a great way for the kids to learn the alphabet. Although the letters were placed at random, it was a good way for them to identify letters out of order. You will notice that on each wall, each child’s name is spelt out in their special color. On the boy side ASHER was spelt out in blue. On the girl side  ORLI was spelt out in apple green. The custom upholstered headboards also were created to mimic the shape of Fall leaves, and the custom duvet covers were full of jungle animals that they could search for and identify
  • Go vertical. This is a great way to add storage to any room. I always try to bring in vertical bookcases into kids’ rooms as storage for books and toys

Casa Vilora Interiors

  • Create storage from what would otherwise be wasted space – I had the bed and bookcases custom built on site with storage drawers underneath each bed. But I didn’t stop there: I also created storage between each bed with a custom window seat with additional storage inside. This is a great place for story time!
  • Edit and store stuff outside of the room if possible. You will notice that the bookcases are not cluttered and have just a few of the things they use a lot. For this bedroom, I also commissioned custom built-ins inside the closet (not shown). This is where most of the books and toys they don’t use everyday are kept. They also have a game room nearby for larger toys
  • Leave enough floor space for play time. Kids love to hang out in their rooms. Even if there are other play areas in the home, they still need a good amount of floor space to play
Art by Duane Cregger

Art by Duane Cregger

  • Make it Artful and Inspiring. My clients once owned an art gallery, so they have an appreciation for original art and want to teach their kids how to collect great works by great artists. We commissioned this original piece “Mother and Child” by Virginia artist Duane Cregger. 24×36 oil and mix media on canvas. You can view it on his website here. It does not have to be a commissioned art piece that you use to make the room artful and inspiring. You can have the kids paint their own original works of art and frame them to infuse their personality.

Casa Vilora Interiors

  • Fun and Interesting Lighting. Kids love to read in bed, so having lots of lighting in the room is great. Instead of going with basic fixtures, it is a great opportunity to bring in fun and interesting lighting. Here I chose a sunburst chandelier to maximize lighting along with 2 wall sconces.

Here are a few more shots of the room

casa Vilora Interiors

Here you really get to see that adding built-ins are a great way to maximize the space in a room. They are a big investment, but a similar look can be obtained by using modular bookcases from Ikea or Target or Walmart

casa Vilora Interiors
I went with fully custom bedding in this room, but the same look can be accomplished with off-the-shelf bedding from online retailers like Land of Nod and West Elm etc. Make sure the fabrics are easy to care for

Casa Vilora Interiors
For the headboard and the window seat cushion, I went with fabrics that can be wiped clean. They are kids after all, and you want them to enjoy their space without you having to worry about them ruining stuff.

Casa Vilora Interiors

I personally think that having kids share a bedroom is a great way for them to develop a special bond. It is important however to keep the peace by making sure that each child has their own defined space, packed with their personality.

Do your kids share a bedroom? What is life like?

Hope you enjoy the room tour!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!



Room Tour: A Dining Room Makeover Mixing Old And New

It has been a very busy month so far here in the studio, and next month will be even busier with upcoming projects. Unfortunately, the blog has suffered a bit, but I promise to get back on track very soon.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Today you are in for a treat! A room tour of a recent dining room project I completed for a family as part of a whole house project.

This couple actually attends my church, but I had never met them prior to the initial consultation (We will call them Mr. & Mrs. P). They had moved away for a few years and were returning to the Katy area, plus our church is pretty big and have several Sunday services and Bible study groups, so it is difficult to meet every member. They were referred to me by a Realtor that I do a lot of home staging for, who also attends our church. It is amazing how things come together sometimes :-)

They had recently bought this beautiful new construction house and wanted to make it feel like home. Their kids are grown and have their own families, and they wanted a comfortable home for them when they are alone, for the grand kids when they come to visit, and for when they entertain. They host Bible studies and mentoring sessions for young couples about to get married, and newly weds in their home, so it also needed to be functional and be able to accommodate a large group of people.

I was so excited when I first met them and walked through the home. They were definitely one of the most easy-going couple ever! They valued and trusted my design expertise and opinions, and were very easy to work with.

The biggest challenge was to use as much of the pieces they already owned from their previous home. Some I was excited about, and some just had to go. They happened to have some beautiful antiques and family heirlooms that I was more than happy to incorporate into the finished spaces.

Here is where we started in the dining room

Casa Vilora Inteiors

The dining room table and chairs and the two buffets (one not shown here) were passed down to Mr. P from his mother. They had been in his family for over 50 years. They were pretty dinged up and in rough shape. The legs were wobbly on some of the chairs, the leaf in the table didn’t work well and the finish was pretty uneven on all the pieces. They all needed to be repaired and refinished.

They both wanted to keep these pieces and I was happy to oblige. I love mixing old with new to give a room a more collected feel

Mrs. P wanted to keep the wall color, even though I would have preferred to paint, and she also wanted to keep the chandelier that I wanted to upgrade to something a bit more dressed up. I knew I could make them work so I decided to compromise on that.

This is the room now

Casa Vilora Interiors

Here’s what I did:

  • Refinished the existing furniture. The chair seats were also recovered in a beautiful teal fabric.
  • I brought in two skirted chairs to break up the look of all the wood in the room and to add some softness. I also brought in pillows to give the feeling of comfort and to add color
  • I brought in a large area rug that brings all the colors of the room together
  • The custom drapery was also a great way to soften the look of the room and add color to the beige walls. They also emphasize the high ceilings.
  • Mrs. P had a great collection of plates and dishes that she inherited and wanted a way to display them, so I brought in this beautiful china cabinet. It was cutting it close with the amount of space we had, but my client was ok with a tight space but being able to display her treasures
  • I brought in lots of accents and accessories to add personality

Casa Vilora InteriorsThe above picture shows the wall across the hall from the dining room. Here I brought the same teal color as an accent to relate back to the dining room. This is the other antique buffet that we got refinished

Casa Vilora Interiors
This wall niche is located at the end of the hall by the dining room, so it had to be addressed as well. I painted it the same teal and added a custom Tableaux faux wrought iron panel to add interest. This niche is the focal point when you enter the home

Casa Vilora Interiors
Here is the dining room from another angle. I love these great lamps and the grouping of wall flowers. The wall flowers help to add the feeling of a less formal space. Mr. & Mrs. P did not want a formal space at all.

Casa Vilora Interiors
A closer look at the buffet here. You can see the marquetry and wood inlay detail. I just love the hardware as well.

Casa Vilora Interiors
Here I used some of the plates and bowls that Mrs. P owns to create an informal tablescape. I also added a faux orchid arrangement to add height to the table

Casa Vilora Interiors

The beautiful china cabinet that I absolutely love. The mirrored back adds some depth and multiplies the pieces inside

Casa Vilora Interiors

Another view of the vignette across the hall. It just might be my favorite

My clients love this space, and from all accounts, they have been using it quite a bit

Thanks for checking out my dining room tour, Hope you enjoyed stopping by!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!




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